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Alpha stage -- brainstorming, converting RB control proto 2 ? over.

So I just found out Vial Smasher is the same goblin, lore-wise, as Ankle Shanker--which is one of my favorite cards. Guess I have another deck to throw together! I wonder how much staxxin' and burnin' and group-sluggin' I can have for ~$50? The goal is to have fun on this one, for sure. I have a bunch of decent demons that need homes...

I really wanted to make a Mogis, God of Slaughter group-slug deck but this will be almost as good and keep up the goblin theme. I put a lot of work into Boggart Avalanche so this one I really may never build. If I use what I have I could make something "playable", I'm sure. I also always kind of wanted a pinger-heavy deck. Perhaps I can squeeze in all the deathtouch/pinger shenanigans I like? Fewer pingers in red, but I have access to some fun black stuff.


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