Tasigur Iso-Reversal deck with Razaketh and Ad Naus

Inspired by Tasaketh, Scepter Control and Turbo Ad Naus decks.

This deck is a more proactive take on Tasigur. It wants to win with just enough control pieces/ interaction to protect its own win and also to interact with enemy decks. It has the ability to close the game much sooner than "classic" Tasigur lists.

Main game plan is to harness the power of Ad Nauseam and Razaketh, the Foulblooded to assemble Plan A which is Iso-Reversal. Plan B is to use Tainted Pact -Jace, Wielder of Mysteries combo. The deck utilizes cards that are unique to Tasigur. These are Eldritch Evolution and Sacrifice . These cards can be used well for Razaketh and Ad Naus lines.

Ad Naus is such a powerhouse that Tasigur should not miss out on using it. Main Phase Ad Naus is one of the features the deck wants to achieve. With the power of Ad Naus, you can go deep into the deck , getting enough tutors and rituals to assemble Plan A. The 4 black rituals, the best fast mana rocks, and Elvish Spirit Guide (ESG), and Yawgmoth's Will will fuel the combo turn.

Razaketh can be put into play via Eldritch Evolution with Tasigur, or entomb-Animate Dead. It's the only big fat creature in the deck so that the average cmc is kept low for Ad Naus. Razaketh can assemble the Iso-Rev win by being fed mana dorks, or 1/1 lands from Life, or Tasigur (usually 1 black to cast due to delve ability). You Normally need to tutor for mana crypt, scepter, dramatic reversal, mox opal/mox diamond/ chrome mox, and 2 mana to activate scepter. This means you cannot go turn 1 Razaketh and combo off, usually can be done around turn 3 to turn 5. Usually advisable to do even if you have already taken 15 damage or more and can't do Ad naus anymore. Make sure to save around 8 to 10 life when going for the win with Raz.

Razaketh and Ad Naus in the same deck may seem odd to most, but Rad Farm ( uses both cards to good effect. And so does Buried Alive Sidisi ( Those 2 decks are listed in the CEDH Primary deck Database ( check them out.

The deck is currently below 1.89 average cmc as per tapped out. Its similar average or a bit lower cmc to Shaper's Tasigur Scepter Control list (

The Tainted Jace back up plan is amazing, is a compact 2 card combo that can win against graveyard hate, null rod, humility, and cursed totem. It's the backup win when Dramatic Reversal is exiled. Jace can also serve as a draw engine in the late game when all players have depleted their hand. Jace can mill opponents, or fuel your yard for delve cost of tasigur, or to add more recursion options for tasigur. This 2 card combo has a whole archetype of its own, and tasigur can definitely use it too. The only drawback of Jace is the UUU in its casting cost, which can leave you vulnerable when casting it. But the deck has no trouble coming up with 3 blue.

Tainted Pact as a standalone card is an excellent instant speed tutor, which can also help assemble plan A.

Shout-outs to RiveryMayCry, Elfric, and Leptys from the Turbo Farm Discord for sharing tips and pointers on how to make a turbo Ad Naus deck.


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Testing Wishclaw Talisman.

Out: Lim-Dul's Vault

Reason for taking out Lim-Dul's is because it is not good when drawn from a massive Ad Naus due to having low life total. Wishclaw's benefit is it's another "To Hand" tutor with no life loss, making it useable when on very low life like after a Naus. Other storm Ad Naus builds have using wishclaw to some success and I really think it has potential.

Let's see how it goes.


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