A further refinement on Ancestral Nekusar, which was a refinement on Ancestral VialThras. Both are fun lists, but adding Protean Hulk and Razaketh, the Foulblooded lines makes it much faster and far more consistent.

So again:

Damage Dealers

Damage Exploiters

So for example, suppose you get Firebrand Archer + Curiosity on the board. Every noncreature spell you cast will deal damage to each opponent. Assuming a typical 4-pod, that's an Ancestral Recall every time you cast a spell. It doesn't take much imagination to realize how quickly that produces a win.

That said, we generally win with infinite pings.

talking talking...
discussion and stuff...

Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter, Paradox Engine, or grind through your deck manually for the win. Don't forget to either loop Timetwister or Pyroblast/Chain of Vapor your Curiosity effects to avoid decking yourself.

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Razaketh, the Foulblooded lines:

2 creatures => Flash/Hulk -> Notion Thief/dork/dork ->
dork => LED -> crack ->
dork => Timetwister (easy mode)
cost: 2 creatures, 1U

2 creatures => Flash/Hulk -> Etherium Sculptor/dork/dork/dork/dork ->
dork => Mana Vault ->
dork => Dramatic Reversal ->
dork => Isochron Scepter ->
dork => Sensei's Divining Top (draw deck)
cost: 2 creatures, 1U

2 creatures => Flash/Hulk -> Firebrand Archer/dork/dork/dork/dork ->
dork => Mana Vault ->
dork => Mana Crypt ->
dork => Dramatic Reversal ->
dork => Isochron Scepter (pinging death)
cost: 2 creatures, 1U

2 creatures => Flash/Hulk -> Tandem Lookout/Firebrand Archer/dork ->
dork => moxen (chain manually, only advisable if you've got a couple noncreatures in hand)
cost: 2 creatures, 1U

2 creatures => Dramatic/Scepter ->
creature => Mana Crypt ->
creature => Mox Opal
cost: 4 creatures, 2 colorless (less of both depending on board state)

2 creatures => Archer/Curiosity ->
creature => moxen etc (again board dependent)
cost: 3+ creatures, 1RU


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