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Me and Nickyorany were discussing our favorite artists for MTG cards and we decided to make some decks using only cards drawn by these artists. His deck is modeled after the equally as talented Nils Hamm. His deck can be found here: Nils Hamm.Deck

Mine, however is a four color deck made up of Raymond Swanland cards, who not only makes incredible art for these cards, but is asked to make art for extremely powerful cards. One thing I noticed was that his cards interact with each other really nicely.

For example:

Thraximundar + Cards with Devour

Kresh the Bloodbraided + The burn creature spells that are abundant.

I think this deck is very playable, actually.

One win condition here (and there are quite a few) that I thought was extremely notable is Dragonmaster Outcast. Drop him turn six and you're solid as long as the opponent has no killspells or counters left. Really powerful card.

By the way, as per rule 104:56a in the verbal agreement between me and Nickyorany; Lands don't count towards the artist rule. >_>


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