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Rayami protects his way to victory - TraumWandler

Commander / EDH* BUG (Sultai) GWUB



just an idea, not finished ... I always think it is hard to cut and focus.

Some small creatures for fast voltron buff

Some value creatures to get more pressure on the board and have alternate win conditions if I lose my Commander. (I dont like to depend only on voltron damage, even more in multiplayer EDH.)

Some AoEs and Sacrifice possibilities.

Main attributs used are all kind protection (I found no build with True-Name Nemesis yet) for maunly for evasion (since shadow, landwalk, unblockable are missing), indestructible (to avoid recasts) and hexproof to protect from missing colors. But I also like the combination of first strike, deathtouch and vigilance as combination and it is perfect with lifelink.

I dont know how many "commander steal" and "commander enchanted to useless" answers are neccessary. Also cloning the commander should be funny like Helm of the Host does.


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