So let's make some goddamn mischief.

This is made to get rats real big real quick. Hell, if I want to I can make 3 Million 3Mil/3Mil rats and twice that in mana. Fun times (for me at least).

I know Relentless Rats isn't in here. I didn't need them.



Ashnod's Altar + Marrow-Gnawer + Thornbite Staff

Make some rats, kill one off, make some mana, untap Marrow, make some rats, kill a few off, make some mana, untap Marrow...

Crypt Rats + Eldrazi Monument + NYC Subway Simulator 2017

With enough mana, everyone and everything (that isn't yours) is dead. With enough of a gap between your life and your opponents, you live and nobody else does.

Infected Vermin + Ogre Slumlord

Every creature on the field is dead. Make sure you have Eldrazi Monument up and running before this goes off.

Damnable Pact + NYC Subway Simulator 2017

"I have infinite mana. Lose infinite life and draw infinite cards. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Coat of Arms + Ichor Rats or Coat of Arms + Septic Rats

"So my rats have fear, deathtouch, flying, indestructible, and +Whatever/+Whatever. These ones also have infect. You're dead pal."


Updates Add

Removed Doom Blade, Carrion Rats, and Diseased Vermin for Whip of Erebos, Gruesome Fate, and Sidisi, Undead Vizier to make it work a bit better.

Sidisi for tutors, Whip for mass lifelink, and Gruesome Fate as a wincon for 3.

Thanks to user:Delta-117 for the Sidisi suggestion, shit's cash.

Also by some strange twist of fate I don't actually have a Doom Blade. Go figure.


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