Rashmi and Ragavan are a new combo from March of the Machine, and I love the ability that is brought to the table and the Temur color pie. Basically, you cast free spells from an opponent whenever you cast your first spell. Some wild things are going to happen when you play, and I personally love decks like this. It is not overpowered either, as the free spell is only once per turn. Technically, you CAN pack the deck with extra turns spells and do this every turn, but I am not going to be degenerate in this deck. I like this style of play because the Commander has a low casting cost, and the chaos element brings surprise and excitement to any pod. Plus this is not a degenerate or hated commander, so most will feel it is fair to play against. Also, both Rashmi and Ragavan have individual cards, and I have included them in the deck.

In this build, the plan is to slam artifacts on the table. We collect Treasure, Food, Clues, Thopters, Servos,etc. We will play all the artifact lands we can. We will play tons of Mana rocks, because they help the deck win. More artifacts means that we get to play whatever spell we want from our target opponent's library. Ramp will not be a problem. It also should not be an issue to pay the commander tax with all the treasure creation. Overall, just build a huge pile of artifacts and defend against assault by others at the table. Bide time for the truly explosive win conditions listed below...

How do we win the game?

1) Displaced Dinosaurs - this is our Ace. Thank you Dr. Who!

2) Ghirapur AEther Grid OR Hedron Detonator OR Reckless Fireweaver - all weaponize our artifacts. Even your lands deal damage when these are out. Just amass enough artifacts to make them swingy and deal damage to opponents face. To a lesser extent, Firebrand Archer pings all opponents when casting non-creature spells, so this fits the same category.

3) Rise and Shine - cast for Overload cost and it makes all of our artifacts into creatures with 4x +1/+1 Counters and we can swing out with an impromptu army! This is an unexpected line of play which will allow us to flood the table.

4) Dragonspark Reactor - is a card that can get massive if unchecked. It gets bigger whenever ANY Artifact enters under your control. On top of that, the treasure that your commander makes can be sacrificed to pay the 4 required to pop the reactor.

5) Play our Opponents Stuff/Chaos - what a magical thing it will be to pull Revel in Riches or Blightsteel Colossus off an opponent's library and then use it against them?! These things are possible and will give the deck the element of fun we want.

Overall; I rate the power level as a 5.0/10.0. it is a clear upgrade over the Gimbal PreCon deck, merely using it as an inspiration for Rashmi and Ragavan.


You are a little light on lands, but with 10 Mana Rocks and a lot of Treasure creation in the library & off Rashmi and Ragavan; it should not be a problem to cast spells. Nothing is worse than drawing lands in the late game with your Commander out, so we run light on lands. If there are no spells to cast, Rashmi and Ragavan fizzles.

Another issue is a whiff when taking a card off of your opponent's deck. This happens more than expected playing Rashmi and Ragavan. We run Mishra's Bauble, Lantern of Insight and Spin into Myth to know what is on top of opponent's deck for that reason

Displaced Dinosaurs and Maelstrom Wanderer are not truly win cons, but they are big Mana threats that do good things, so we include them in the deck.


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