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Rareless EDH Banlist & Rules



The list and rules section have been heavily influence by the French Commander Banned List and French Commander Rules

For now this is mostly my vision of the format. However, this shouldn't be an "I" project but a "we" project. This is all meant to encourage and facilitate discussion. Nothing is above reproach. Suggestions and ideas are more than welcome!

I won't be listing all the cards, but infect in its entirety is banned.

Note: Apparently there is an actual Peasant banlist. I've yet to evaluate most of these cards.

Notes2: Unfortunately I can't seem to make links work in the description. ='(


Ancient Tomb and Sol Ring: Ramp that can be slotted in any deck. They basically turn the game into a luckfest where the one drawing their piece can pull ahead too easily.

The tutors and Tinker: Too powerful an effect for too low a cost.

Isochron Scepter: This card is just too easy to abuse with counterspells, instant-speed removal or whatnot.

Mana Drain: Counterspell is one thing. Counterspell that ramps is another.

Rhystic Study: Can provide the blue deck with an unparallaled amount of card draw.

Sensei's Divining Top: Provides unparallaled card selection. Also ensures games go to time since the actual rule box reads ": Add 5 minutes to any given turn."

Skullclamp: Can provide the token and aristocrats decks with an unparalleled amount of card draw. Also acts as a semi-sac outlet.

Swiftfoot Boots and co.: Hexproof seriously affects the ability of players to interact with the board. Especially equipments that also give a toughness boost, such as Mask of Avacyn and Mirror Shield, can make any creature virtually unkillable in a format where effective boardwipes are few and far between.

Treasure Cruise: Potentially Ancestral Recall at sorcery speed.


Archetype of Endurance: Resolving this guy in a format with precious few boardwipes or ways to deal with hexproof is in many situations tantamount to making your board virtually unkillable.

Ashnod's Altar: A great sac outlet that is integral in quite a few combo's. Easily provides infinite mana and segues into other infinite shenanigans.

Exsanguinate: Hard to interact with finisher.

Lightning Greaves and co: Shroud limits the interaction more symmetrically than hexproof. Combined with haste makes this card a formidable equipment. See discussion above.

Banned as Commander

Fynn, the Fangbearer: Turns deathtouch tribal into infect tribal, effectively cutting someone's life total in half.

Tatyova, Benthic Druid: Tatyova rewards players for simply playing the game and can be set up to make its owner virtually unkillable.


Cards listed below are pulled from the French list.

Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist: This card enables voltron like nobody's business. Removing the equipcosts is a powerful ability and should be evaluated properly.

Esior, Wardwing Familiar: Another card that severly limits interaction, just by existing.

Keleth, Sunmane Familiar: See note above. This honestly seems the least scary of the bunch.

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh: See note above. It's 'free', but it needs work to do anything.

Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith: Toggo + deathtouchers + karoo land = kill a creature each turn cycle.

General Rules, succintly put:

  1. The commander of your deck is a (un)common Legendary Creature.
  2. The colour identity of a card is determined by its colour and the colour of mana symbols in its rule text. Note that this excludes mana symbols in the reminder text.
  3. The deck must contain a minimum of 100 cards, including your commander.
  4. With the exception of basic lands, no card with the same name can appear twice in a given deck.
  5. When played 1v1 players start with 20 life. During multiplayer players start with 40 life.
  6. Commanders begin the game in the command zone. From there it can be cast, subject to normal timing restrictions. As an additional cost, its owner pays 2 generic mana for each time it was previously cast from the command zone.
  7. If a commander is in a graveyard or in exile and it was put there since the last time state-based actions were checked, its owner may put it into the command zone. If a commander would be put into its owners hand or library from anywhere, its owner may put it into the command zone instead.
  8. Being a commander is not a characteristic, it is a property of the physical card. As such, it cannot be overwritten.
  9. If a player is dealt 21 damage by a particular commander over the course of a game, that player loses the game.
  10. Commanders are subject to the legendary rule.
  11. Cards or abilities that bring other cards you own from outside the game into the game do not function. I.e. there is no sideboard.


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