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Raptor Hatchling [Pauper EDH]

Pauper EDH* Mono-Red Pauper




The idea of this deck is to cast your Raptor Hatchling and equip him with buffs. Then ping him every so often or frequently to amass 3/3 Dinosaur tokens and use those guys as your disposables/damage generators. There are a few synergies that work well in the deck. First, Scaretiller enchanted or equipped with items such as Arcane Teachings or a Viridian Longbow . The Tiller nets you one of his abilities plus pings your Raptor to net you a token. Haunted Fengraf has been included to help recycle your creatures from the graveyard by recycling your Fengraf (using Tiller). I have a few rocks and lands that generate any color of mana. This is for Opaline Bracers . Bracers isn't super tech but it's fun having options. Also I don't know of any common equipment that just comes into play and gives a +4/+4 bonus for a hard cost without a drawback. Being a mono red deck it's a little difficult to keep your Raptor from getting picked off so you need to buff him as much and as best you can. Bracers can make him a 5/5 out of the gate if you can produce 4 colors. So getting him out of shock/Bolt range is important. It seemed like it was worth including. This deck can be a hard one to pilot against blue heavy decks. Or decks that bounce crits, imprison them or run lots of hard removal. You can still win. It's not impossible. This is not a weak deck in general but can be situationally weak in certain matchups. The remaining cards in the deck are mostly for utility and are the best of the best for what is available at common rarity. I test my decks heavily and they change pretty frequently. I believe this deck is better suited for group play. 1v1 matches can tend to be quick as your opponent doesn't have to respond to other threats and ends up sinking all their removal into your Raptor. Which is a common occurrence. I love constructive criticism. Feel free to make suggestions. Ever evolving.

On a side note. I have been waiting for Swiftfoot Boots to get a downshift for a loooong time. It would fit in this deck perfectly. The only thing this deck needs are better forms of protection for the Dino.


10-29-20: Out Copper Carapace , In True-Faith Censer . Copper Carapace was junk in this deck. My guys need to be able to block if need be. True Faith Censer should have been my initial card choice for that spot. I run quite a few humans in the deck and it buffs the humans a little better. Vigilance is really good as well. As I can attack and still ping the Dino with the creature that I just attacked with. Censer is 100% a better choice.

11-29-20: Out Swirling Sandstorm , in Fiery Cannonade . #1 The deck needs to stabilize fast and it gets difficult to recover late game if I run a sweeper like Sandstorm. #2 the sandstorm sits in my hand for a loooong time. #3 I can play the Cannonade to net a token, and possibly kill a portion of the board and still keep my already in play tokens and buffed creatures. And lastly Cannonade is an instant making it much easier to utilize than the Sandstorm.

12-9-20: Out Anarchist , in Champion of the Flame . Seems like a better card for the deck at the moment. The Champion can get huge with all of the equipment in the deck. We'll try it out and see.

1-2-21: Out Crown-Hunter Hireling , in Crimson Fleet Commodore . Commodore seems a bit better, Trample and costs less. I run a bunch of equipment that buffs toughness so it seemed like it was worth the swap.


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