When the Kaldheim precons came out I was really intrigued by Ranar the Ever-Watchful. He has a natural affinity for blink effects and showcases the set mechanic, foretell. When building Ranar I wanted to heavily focus him on the foretell mechanic, however, with how recent sets are being released as stand-alone blocks we never got many foretell cards to build with. In this case I decided to buy and upgrade the precon while still keeping the original deck theme in mind; use foretell cards, blink your creatures, create Spirit Tokens with Ranar, and control the board with exile effects.
The deck strategy overall is a combination of controlling the board and gaining value from ETB effects. Ranar the Ever-Watchful's second ability to create Spirit Tokens activates off of a multitude of different abilities. Blink effects like Teleportation Circle and Flickerwisp pair well this our ETB creatures. Foretell cards such as Saw it Coming and Kaya's Onslaught act as additional tricks that we'll always have access to. Exiling our opponents permanents will also help activate Ranar's ability so including cards like Path to Exile and Angel of the Ruins help keep dangerous threats off the board for good. The Spirit Tokens created by Ranar get even more powerful with Kindred Discovery, Intangible Virtue, and Reconnaissance Mission.
Angel of Serenity -This card surprised me with how versatile it can be. Playing it on creatures in our graveyard can return them to hand if it is blinked or destroyed, as well as bouncing the opponent's creatures to hand all while activating Ranar's exile ability to create Spirit Tokens!

Sword of Hearth and Home -A great equipment for ramping and blinking.

Kindred Discovery -Naming 'Spirits' as it enters allows us to draw off of our Spirit Tokens ETBing and attacking.

Enlightened Tutor -Allows us to tutor for blink engines like Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, Teleportation Circle, Conjurer's Closet or Sword of Hearth and Home.

Mystic Reflection -This card can create some crazy combo lines to fire off especially if Ranar is on the battlefield and you can exile something. Draw your entire deck with Ethereal Valkyrie, exile all opponents artifacts/enchantments with Angel of the Ruins, or create infinite copies of Geist-Honored Monk or Aether Channeler. This list goes on!


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