An attempt at this kind of "exile tribal" deck, featuring the new obvious foretell cards, o-rings like Stasis Snare and Skyclave Apparition, flickers and blinks like Thassa, Deep-Dwelling and Momentary Blink, pitch-spells like Force of Will and Force of Virtue, suspend like Ancestral Vision and Lotus Bloom, imprinting from Chrome Mox, random extra hand exile w/Gustha's Scepter, and good old-fashioned removal.

The goal is to hit threats as they come up to both weaken your opponents, while adding to your board. It runs some classic "blink deck" shenanigans w/cards like Mulldrifter and Knight of the White Orchid, while getting up to some new ones; you already know that blinking something like a Reverent Hoplite is fun, but now try responding to his ETB w/Mystic Reflection! Because copies of a permanent card inherit that card's mana cost, the tokens not only enter instead as the hoplite to ETB again, they also add to your devotion, making the copies each add more tokens individually than the original.

The deck doesn't try to do any infinite shenanigans w/Rest in Peace; just honest going-wide, dropping anthems, and swinging with too many flying threats whose way's been cleared by an overabundance of removal that's tied to blinkable permanents.


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