I have not tested And need some help with this, so feedback is very much accepted and wanted. I would like the deck to be something like the following:

So this deck operates just like a mana ramp, but with the added benefit of casting a card that can bring out a couple creatures as well. I know of a couple cards that can bring out several lands on a move, and some that can bring out several creatures. Also, in the deck are a couple "heavy hitters." So any advice on different cards or more, etc. is appreciated as well. Currently, I'm sticking to a green deck (either being mono or other), but if you happen to have/know of different color mana/swarm decks I'd really appreciate that as well.

Thanks for taking a look! Maybe this could help pinpoint some cards that others can use.


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Just bought/received the deck of cards, and it is a blast to play!! Again if there is any more advice or other card suggestions just mention it below!

This deck hits extremely hard, and with the amount of mana one can pull you can flood the battlefield with creatures and your opponent will be overwhelmed!


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