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Alright, it's time I made a better description for this.

Rally the Horde is a card that was printed in my favourite block, Kamigawa. In my young days of Magic I obviously thought it was absolute garbage... BUT! With the printing of the new "fakelnands", the landless strategies for modern suddenly became a lot better. So one day I was browsing some random stuff in Scryfall and came across this... And being the not-so-green player I was all those years ago I thought I'd give this a second look.

So, yea... the deck is made possible entirely because of the fakelands (the dual faced ones) and it is sort of a glass cannon. just straight up playing Goblin Charbelcher is arguibly better because it's a 1-card-combo instead of a 2-card-combo, but I want to play Rally the Horde.

The Strategy of the deck is: use the card selection to find 2 cards: Rally the Horde and Burst of Speed. This way you will self-mill (actually self-library-exile) with the rally and create something around 40-47 tokens usually... And the Burst of Speed wil give you the chance to swing for lethal in the same turn.

The reason this is such a glass cannon is exactly what I just described: you EXILE your own deck in exchange of an equal amount of 1/1 tokens. So if you don't kill the opponent that turn you will die to mill on the next turn.


In version A you can go with the Fae of wishes route.



This version opens up your possibilities to fight a variety of decks since you have access to a toolbox and you also can fetch a Goblin Charbelcher if you really need it. The downside is that Fae takes 4 mana to activate and that really hurts in a deck with so many taplands.


On version B you cut the Fae of Wishes and rely only in the card selection. This way you'll run a full set of both combo pieces in the maindeck but you can still sideboard 3-4 Goblin Charbelchers for Games 2/3.

But a nice twist for Version B is that I placed Remands in the deck that give a tempo draw.


The plan is pretty simple. You'll draw cards with Opt, Sleight of Hand and Serum Visions trying to assemble the best possible hand. I've found out this combo usually works around turns 5-6 which isn't that fast for modern, but there is a chance it'll work on turn 4 and there is also a godhand for turn 3 wins.

Always keep in mind that the fakelands aren't only lands. They have an actual spell attatched and it may be quite useful. silumdi vision is a 4-of because it allows to look for any of the parts of the combo during your opponent's turn. Jwari Disruption   is a soft counterspell. Beyeen Veil   can be used as a quasi-Fog in some cases. Spikefield Hazard   is a soft exile removal that you can ping on Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger or Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath to exile them instead of letting them go into the graveyard. Shatterskull Smashing   is also removal. Sea Gate Restoration   is, believe it or not, card draw! There has been an actual game that I only won because I cast Sea Gate Restoration through rituals, drew back into the combo and a couple rituals to combo off the following turn! Valakut Awakening   is also a great card draw that lets you replace your whole hand if you need to while not diminishing the amount of cards in your deck (which is essential in this strategy since the more cards in deck, the more 1/1 tokens).

The ramp I've been toying with include Desperate Rituals because 2 of them in hand allow for 7 mana needed to combo. Also includes Simian Spirit Guide because it creates "gotcha" situations where you can cast a surprise Remand or Jwari Disruption   to protect the combo. And Talisman of Creativity because it is reusable and it fixes the mana (it is also the only blue source in the deck in case you drop a Blood Moon).

The recommended order in which you play the lands should be (in most cases) the taplands first and the bolt lands last. The reason is that the taplands will always come in play tapped while the bolt lands (Shatterskull Smashing   and Sea Gate Restoration  ) can come into play untapped. And this possibility of paying life for it entering untapped makes it so that you can combo the same turn you cast them instead of needing to wait for it to untap the following turn. There are some times that you'll feel tempted to play a bolt land first, but I'd suggest suppressing the temptation unless you really need to dig for an answer or race the other deck.

Also the reason I chose Pyroclasm for the sideboard is that Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Gaddock Teeg need to be removed with the most speed and less mana possible (even more because most of the lands enter tapped, so maybe you cannot wait 1 turn for an Anger of the Gods).

For now that's it. I hope you enjoy and have nice topdeckings, everyone!


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