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Rakka Mar, making token perfection

Commander / EDH Mono-Red


This is the most up-to-date design that I've ran with Rakka Mar. She was one of my earlier generals that I've always had a passion for. Originally I used her + a few other mono-red legendarys as selectable generals from the same deck, until I eventually made her a dedicated deck around 2010. Back in those days there were good arguments for running her vs kiki (the days before Zealous Conscripts was even printed), and I always elected to keep her. Unfortunally, while Kiki gets new playable cards printed every set, Rakka Mar is lucky to see a new playable every other year.

A 2015 version of the deck is recorded here; https://youtu.be/2Sa59_odtto

A 2018 version of the deck is recorded here; https://youtu.be/G5ogUJ1TEZw

Edit @ July 16th, 2019 - for a deck as underpowered as Rakka Mar, my entire playgroup is allowing me to continue running Paradox Engine in this deck. Like, all of them - 100% of my friends. None of us agree with the recent banning & unbanning. We all dislike any cards being added to the banlist, and feel that Paradox Engine is a casually-competitive card that should never have been considered. If a card should be banned in EDH, then it needs to be a singular card that enables a degenerate combo (such as Dramatic Reversal, Dakmor Salvage, Flash, Dread Return, etc). These would be the type of cards to ban, and we still DO NOT want any of them banned. TLDR - yes Paradox Engine can be used in degenerate ways, but requires extensive parts to work, and is otherwise a do-nothing artifact. Banning it needlessly punishes thematic decks (tap generals like Rakka Mar, tim themed decks, etc), while a strictly better combo (dramatic scepter) still exists in the format.

Edit @ Feb 7th, 2020 - going to finally remove Paradox Engine. While my playgroup feels that it is perfectly fine here, it is a single illegal card. Since I've kept it in the list, I haven't been able to play this deck at any major conventions.


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