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Rakdos Worldfire Sins [Budget/Casual/Primer]

Modern BR (Rakdos) Budget Casual Exile Jank Primer



Update: Well, the Commander Rules Committee decided to unban Worldfire. As a result, it's been bought out, because we can't have nice things since some people treat this as a stock market. I don't know exactly what to do with this list as I really like it, but it's gonna become kinda expensive. Maybe I'll keep this one for some time, make a copy of it and change it to a Sway of the Stars deck. Still, big sad today :(((

Worldfire is one of those cards people never paid any attention as it's "bad". However, in the spirit of our lord and savior SaffronOlive, I love jank cards, the jankier the better.

At first, I considered using Irencrag Feat to turbo out Worldfire. I opted to play Rakdos() due to it providing better spot removal options, discard and boardwipes.

Always important to remind everyone that, despite me using Modern as the format, this is a casual deck with no intentions of going competitive. I just like to use a format rather than no-format/casual to provide myself with somewhat of a guideline and restrictions.

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