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Rakdos (Demon’s Advocate)

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Ladies, gentleman, fiends from the abyss! Gather round and bear witness to the rise of the demon of demons: Lord of Riots, the Defiler, the Showstopper, Last standing of the Paruns - Niv-Mizzet died, he doesn’t count. Bow before the most powerful being on Ravenica, whose fiendishness is so revered his own guild bears his name. Quake in fear and bang your bloody appendages together for the one, the only, Rakdos!

Cruel cruel Rakdos deck intent on dealing damage and then whacking out a menagerie of big scary demons, dragons eldrazi, phyrexians, artifact creatures and other monstrosities.

I’ve played around and learnt a lot about this deck. First rule is not to go too crazy and just throw in a million eldrazi - better to have a few good ones and a steady curve, else you’ll end up with a hand full of uncastables.

Secondly you want 1 drop pingers/unblockables, burn lands and the odd 2/3 drop enchantments/artefacts (harder to remove) which deal the damage we need to secure the arrival of our dark lord. Don’t go higher than that if you want Rakdos out as early and reliably as possible.

On the topic of our monstrosities: the value and card draw of demons makes them more useful than simple beaters. Red monsters also come with a range of useful abilities - like taking extra combat turns - so don’t get too eldrazi hungry and overlook them. Having most things have flying and trample also helps in overwhelming your opponents. Variety is the spice of Rakdos and there’s a focus on flavour here too!

Remember there’s more than one way to skin a mortal. There’s lots of ramp and alternative methods to get those big boys out when Rakdos receives the hate he deserves. Always have a back up plan like Quicksilver Amulet, Lukka, Sneak Attack and Illharg. Failing that, build up your ramp so that there’s still the option of hard casting your big horrors - after your opponents have desperately used up all their removal on his dark majesty.

Finally, be ready to refill your hand - and therefore board - after an inevitable board wipe, with things like Knollspine Dragon, Necropotence, Demonlord Belzenlok, Vilis Broker of Blood, Liliana’s Contract etc etc.

If you’re really looking to play nasty then you can blow everyone up using Heartless Hidetsugu and Fiendish Duo/Archfiend of Despair (Fiery Emancipation if you want to go out in flames too). Chandra’s Ignition a Blightsteel Colossus, or sell your soul to Razaketh for a sneaky combo: do enough damage with Rakdos on the stage and just loop back in and out an Ulamog or Blightsteel - or simply bounce Ancestral Statue - with Terror of the Peaks out. All of these make for fabulously grisly finales at less casual tables.

The stage is set, let the show begin! As we say in the profession: break a leg. Hell, break all the limbs you want! No judgement here, live out your Timmy fantasies; just be sure to annihilate those pesky Azorius players first.


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