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Rakdos Immortal Cat Pact

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This decks sole purpose is to force the long game and buy you time until youre able to pull off the instant win combo. It dismantles your opponents hand, has fair amount of removal, some generous life gain as well as some decent chump blockers.

General breakdown strategy as follows:

Demonic Pact/Harmless Offering -(Win Con)

Demonic Pact on its own has some pretty good utility when it comes to keeping you stay alive long enough to transfer it to your opponent. Its absolutely devastating if you can stack multiple Demonic Pacts. Harmless offering obviously is what makes your opponent lose. Just be sure you pilot this combo correctly or you can end up killing yourself with it. I have included cards in this deck that will help ensure your killing blow wont be countered or blow up in your face.

Thought Seize/Inquisition of Kozelilek - (Support)

These will be your primary cards that will help ensure you can pull off your win con without it blowing up in your face. You should use them on counter spells, discard cards or serious threats only. If facing a control deck, I would advise using one early on to get an idea of what your opponent is working with and only use them later when youre getting close to setting up demonic Pact. That way you can at-least bait some of their other counterspells out of their hand through natural play, while reducing the number of draws they get in between to draw more counter spells. If youre facing any other non-control deck, just pop them as soon as you can.

Kologhans Command - (Utility)

There are no words to describe how great this card is. One of the most used modes for the purpose of this deck is to make them discard, use the other mode however you see fit. Artifact removal is great for those pesky expedition maps that tron players use.

Damnation/Dreadbore - (Removal)

Dreadbore is absolutely great for popping annoying planeswalkers like Karn that can completely screw over your win con. Damnation is a good pick since we are only running 4 creatures in this deck. Game 2 use the sideboard and create the ratio of damnations and dreadbores that are right for your match-up.

Sun Droplet/Elixir of Immortality - (Support)

Because we have few creatures in this deck its fortunate we can buy more time with lifegain spells that have longevity in use and little maintenance. Elixir of immortality is going to make it extremely difficult for mill players to mill you out if you can get it. Its also a lifegain card that will constantly be reusable if you can keep drawing into it , net you a fair amount of life for a low cost, as well as salvage your win con cards should they get sent to the graveyard. Sun Droplet early on is going to negate small damage altogether. If you can stack multiple sun droplets, your life gain can get out of control pretty fast, buying you tons of time. Low mana cost and no maintenance. If you can stack 2 or 3 sun droplets, a neat trick is to hit yourself with 2 damage with K Command and gain 3 4 or times that life back over 2 upkeep phases.

Beseech the Queen - (Support)

The card is pretty self explanatory, it lets you find answers to problems on the board state. Also its great for baiting counterspells and discard spells .

Liliana of the Dark Realms -(Utility)

Because this is a 23 land deck, shes going to help you thin out your deck pretty fast, as well as removing the occasional threat.

Will-O-the-Wisp - (Support)

As long as youre not dealing with trample this card can block just about anything and stay alive. Its there to purely buy you time. If your opponent is determined to get rid of it, you can always get it back with Kolaghans Command or elixir.

Boseiju, Who Shelters All - (Support)

This is a great card that will guarantee your win con doesnt set countered. If you are holding off your enemy fairly well, take the time to search for it if youre battling a control deck.

/Bojuka Bog - (Utility)

Can be useful at times for obvious reasons, it will also play heavily in our potential game 2 win con.


Immortal Coil (Secondary Win Con)

This is a great way to switch up our win cons and confuse our opponent. As a bonus it could also make them sideboard incorrectly. Essentially, youre going to transfer this card to them with Harmless Offering and play Bajuka Bog for the instant win. Be warned however, this is a card that can potentially blow up in your face. Only play if you have a good idea that your opponent cant exile your graveyard, otherwise it can be used against you. The card also has a fair amount of damage mitigation and draw utility.

Defense Grid - (Support)

Good against control decks since we mostly use sorcery spells in this deck. Low mana cost and even a single defense grid severely hurts control players. Stack multiple and you pretty much never have to worry about counterspells.

Dreadbore/Damnation - (Removal)

Extra Removal if you need it.

Surgical Extraction - (Support)

Great for dismantling combo decks or threats that hinder your win-con.

Final thoughts: Bewtween thought seize,inquisition, K. Command and Demonic Pact, you have a good amount of card removal. Its suited to remove threats that threaten your win con as well as even recovering your win con and keeping you alive long enough to do it. This is more of an experimental deck that has so far performed well. I am looking to make it better, suggestions are welcome.


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