This is my Canadian Highlander deck. It started as a WUBG control deck but I've always wanted to play Bloodbraid Elf (in any format). So instead of building a second deck, I decided to turn this onto a five-colour midrange deck.

Deck Design

The concept of the deck is to use a combination of hand hate and removal alongside some of the most standalone efficient creatures to close the game out. In this aspect, it plays similar(ish) to a 4C blood deck. Because of the 5 colour nature of the deck though, it takes advantage of the 1 mana cantrips to help filter the deck for the pieces you need. It also gives access to Ancestral Recall , which the deck spends most of its points on and provides a disgusting amount of tempo, especially combined with Snapcaster Mage or Eternal Witness .

Despite running blue, the deck does not run a counterspell package - this was tested in a previous revision of the deck but was found to be lacking. Because this deck runs a wide sweep of efficient beater creatures, the counterspell package made the deck run too slowly and meant that the deck had a heavy reliance on blue mana sources. The current build instread relies on proactive hand hate in combination with a slew of removal pieces. Because of this, it reduces the requirement to always leave mana open so that the deck can be playing its own threats.

While this isn't the most competitive deck (I appreciate that 4C Blood is very optimised and adding a 5th colour probably dilutes rather than positively affects), it is a lot of fun to play. The mana base needs improvement, but this is an ongoing thing as ABURs are currently out of the price range of the deck.

Points Cards

My playgroup allows proxies but only for points cards.

The points cards the deck is running are as follows:

The full points list can be found here.


Updates Add

Attempting to take the deck in a new direction. Still five colour, just dropped the counterspell suite for more proactive cards (as well as some more removal). Also rejigged the curve with some slightly faster creatures. Hopefully it will perform well.

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