The new, the improved, gimmicky Horse Deck!! This time I actually put some time into it, and ended up with something I'm, surprisingly, actually proud of! We've got lots of horses to choose from, and I hope you'll quickly find your favorite.

Some prefer the beauty of the Crested Sunmare. It's beauty is of course unparalleled, with the ability to create even more of your favorite four-legged friends! That is, if you can utilize the 2 of the 98 other cards in this deck that can proc it. Good luck!

Others find Surge Mare to be more their speed. Quickly making its way through any waters, benefiting you with the slightest hit on your opponent! Many uses, many opportunities for it to be the target of a Murder from your opponent!

Although he may not be the strongest, Stallion of Ashmouth can make friends with anyone he meets. His ability grows stronger with more mana, and his edgy, reaper-esque shadowy mane lends him to be a teen favorite.

With Carnival Hellsteed, you get a limited-time 2 for 1 deal! Two times the heads, one point five times the legs, and two times the mana! Always energetic and ready to party, this horsy just wants to get right into the thick of the fun, with First Strike, Haste, AND Unleash!

And last, but certainly not least, Zodiac Horse stands as a fan favorite! With a hole deeper than the Mariana Trench burned into your pocket, this exclusive white horse can traverse a single terrain to hit your opponents for mediocre damage. But don't fret! She's a novelty!

Standing above them all, straight from your sleep paralysis nightmare, Morophon, the Boundless leads the charge! This... thing.. can help you at every turn! But remember! Just don't turn your back on it! Haha, whatever you do, do not turn away! Do not leave its sight. Do NOT leave its sight. Run. NOW. Please, YOU HAVE TO GET AWAY. YOU NEED TO LE-

That concludes the wonderful tour! Take your pick, and enjoy a gimmicky deck that might have your opponents let out a short chortle, before they crush you. Have fun!


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