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Rainbow Cruise (Weatherlight Vorthos)

Commander / EDH Casual Theme/Gimmick Vorthos



With the new Sisay, I just had to whip up a silly Weatherlight theme deck. Originally it was built around the wonderfully flavorful Coalition Victory, but I was tired of asking if I could play with a banned card, so though it pained me I decided to scrap that. Basically the wincons here are either pulling off Door to Nothingness (with the help of stuff like Ramos, Dragon Engine, Rings of Brighthearth and Hanna, Ship's Navigator), or voltronning Sisay enough to maybe win through commander damage. Obviously this is a pretty casual deck and not likely to win a ton of games, and it certainly doesn't help that the original Weatherlight crew cards are kind of all over the place and don't really synergize with each other too well. But dammit, it's flavorful, and that's good enough for me.


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