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Raging Wolves of Bork valley Tribal

Modern Aggro RG (Gruul) Tribal Werewolf


Do you have an unusually high fondness of wolves and werewolves? Do you like sometimes playing Blood Moon on turn two? Do you really want to confuse people with a fog that does not prevent damage from wolves (Moonmist)? Well if so, I have the deck for you! I built this deck out of my own tears from losing too many times in modern and now its in a spot where it can sometimes compete with other high-level modern decks. You can actually see how much change has gone into it from when I started to build it as my first deck approx. 7 years ago. From Quilled Wolf to Collected Company, this deck has been absolutely phenomenal to build and work on. Right now, with no interaction it is anywhere from a turn 6- a turn 4 win(Normally turn 5 tho). I am just waiting until wizards prints some more support for this to break into tier one.


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Put the bolts in sideboard for now, might try to find room later depending on how this change goes. Added in three Collected Company for some flexibility on the other person's turn/ the fake card draw aspect of it. Wish me luck!!


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