This deck is the improved version of my first Rafiq deck which you can find here. This EDH-deck is especially designed for competive multi-player (cEDH). I am trying to get this deck competitive against high-tier decks and help is welcome.

I wanted to build a deck with Rafiq and Aura's and playing the previous version I tuned it to the three important things to do with this Commander. 1) Pump him to lethal as soon as possible, 2) Protect him from being removed from the battlefield and 3) Make him hard, or even better impossible to block.

At this moment the deck is capable of giving a lethal blow in turn 4 which is fast enough in cEDH. But the deck isn't consistent enough so I could use some advice on that. Multiple options in one card are preferred.

Ramp & Mana sources

Rafiq is a Commander who thrives on speed. You want to give that 21 Commander-damage before your opponent can deploy their own strategies. So you need cards in the deck to speed up your mana recourses instead of having a one turn one land drop. There are several ways of quick mana fixing in the deck:

Draw, Fetch & Tutor

Now you got your mana floating it's time to draw and search for the cards you need. Remember, Serve and Protect are your main goals for Rafiq. So choose and choose wisely. And some re-fills for when your hand gets empty. Of course the deck runs all the fetch lands aswell.

Protect & Serve

Once you have the Commander on the Battlefield you want him to stay there as long as possible. There are no cards in the deck to give him Haste so you need the next turn before you can start striking opponents. So the deck holds a bunch of cards which make it hard to kill your Commander. Of course preferred with a pump bonus.

Pump & Hard to Block

Now the Commander is ready to strike so you want him to hit and hit hard. Some sort of Unblockable is of course the best way to strike. Flying and Trample are the other ways to be sure he assigns plenty of damage. Combined with his Double Strike ability 21 Commander damage can be achieved real fast with the surprise hits at instant speed.

Destroy & Disrupt

IProbably after the first hit your opponents are getting aware that you are a big threat for all of them and that one strike can be enough to be lethal. So be prepared to be a target for the rest of the game. These cards might help to slow down your opponents.

Tricks & Teases & Turns

These options came with the cards which are in the deck anyway. Some can be a bonus, some just 'ride along'. Letting the opponents gains life is just a tease, since you are fininshing the game with Commander Damage. And there is an infinite turn combo. Because a lot of cEDH decks can go infinite and you don't want to stay behind.

I hope you all like this deck and maybe have a suggestion to juice it up. Maybe it needs some counterspells?? Like I said I am trying te get this deck competitive against the higher tiers.


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