So this a Queen Marchesa deck, mostly focussed on enchantments, especially if they create tokens. I usually try to stuff way too much into each Commander deck, and this one especially was very difficult. Queen Marchesa is just so versatile. A Monarch theme comes to mind first, then some kind of politics deck with "will of the counsel" type of cards. I also really considered curses as the theme, which shone through a little in the Enchantress theme of now. The final theme I considered was something of a extra combat/combat tricks type of deck, think of cards like Moonhold, Master Warcraft and Brutal Hordechief. So eventually I settled on the theme of having Queen Marchesa command an army through enchaments she weaves. I do very much want to build a Queen Marchesa Monarch deck (or maybe a Jared Carthalion, True Heir deck?) and also a Queen Marchesa Curses deck (although Ghen, Arcanum Weaver would probably be better suited for such a deck). The main goal of this deck is to accrue value through the token generators and overwhelm our opponents, having enough removal and boardwipes to outlast our opponents.


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