A commander deck based around counters and proliferating! Stack counters and hit hard! You have creatures that proliferate, hydras that work at any point, and some creatures that have consequences if they disappear (Chasm Skulker, Hydra Broodmaster). I tried to incorporate creatures with flying and trample but this is all I could do at the moment. Drawing Managorger Hydra or Crashing Drawbridge early game sets you up to create a monstrosity pretty fast. Stack up counters, play Crashing Drawbridge, play Tanazir next turn, and immediately go to town. Genesis Hydra acts as a more expensive Natural Order. Feeling a little stuck? Artifacts and enchantments scaring you? Play Genesis Hydra and play Terastodon. Play whatever you want, it's free. I don't have all the cards I want so I put some counterspells here, don't let anyone mess with your beefy boys! Oh shoot, are the opponents beefing out their boys too? Play Oversimplify! Or maybe weaken them! Play Ezuri's Predation! GO NUTS! I have some nice land draw sorceries so you can fuel those hydras! I have cards that bring back big boys from the grave! Cards that create fractals! Do I have any idea what I'm doing with this deck? Sorta, but not really, make big boys, cause chaos, have fun!


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