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Purphoros - Watching the World Burn

Commander / EDH* Aggro Burn Casual Goblins Mono-Red Tokens



Featured on Episode 28 of Brews and Builds! Link here:

BNB Episode #28

Another series in my "Decks that won't win you friends" series. Purphoros, God of the Forge burns out all you opponents by swarming the board with small creatures, mostly goblins. There are then a few cards which let the hordes get stronger in the rare case Purph gets removed from the board.

_The olde god rests until he is ripped from his slumber by the hordes of Goblins trying to dig into his mountains for previous stones.

He looks among the power-players, the armies, and the fat cats in City hall. He squints his eyes and see nothing but kindling.

Raining the hordes of his followers down upon the citizens, he tosses embers from his tower each time his hordes enter a new kingdom, till there is nothing left but smoldering ash, and a hammer wielding god who can finally rest._


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