This is my attempt at making Purphoros as strong as possible. If you would like to collaborate please let me know. There are probably many cards you might be confused as to why they are excluded like Siege-Gang. The principle I've gone with while building this deck is that 1 mana should equal 1 creature or more to be as efficient as possible. Obviously every creature can't meet this criteria, but if the card is strong enough then it will make the cut.

Added 9/7/2021

Edit - 9/8/2021

Goblin Instigator -> Inquisitive Puppet Puppet gets 2 etbs and a Scry for 1 mana and simply outclasses Instigator. Mogg War Marshal is a better Instigator.

Edit - 9/9/2021

Idol of Oblivion -> Flamekin Harbinger Idol has underperformed or only been decent the last 5 times I've cast it. Harbinger finding a combo piece or the removal powerhouse that is Chandra's Incinerator for 1 mana just seems way better.

Krenko, Mob Boss -> Treasonous Ogre We're not tribal enough for Krenko and he's been too slow every time. Ogre will allow for more insane turns.

Flame Blitz -> Faithless Looting I love Blitz but it's sideboard material realistically.

Edit - 9/11/2021

Sentinel Totem -> Relic of Progenitus

Price of Progress -> Glitterfang

Fiery Confluence -> Throes of Chaos

Edit - 9/15/2021

Cursed Mirror -> Cloudstone Curio I love Mirror but it doesn't ramp us into Purphoros and that's what has killed it for me in testing. I'm hoping Curio will add some crazy amounts of damage in games where the card draw just isn't there.

Edit - 9/16/2021

Glitterfang -> Lightning Berserker

Throes of Chaos -> Dragon's Rage Channeler

Edit - 9/23/2021

Tempt with Vengeance -> Smuggler's Copter

Command Beacon -> Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep

Edit - 9/28/2021

Smuggler's Copter -> Act on Impulse Looter Scooter sucks lol

Battle Hymn -> Price of Progress

Brand for Arcum's Astrolabe

Cut a mountain for Chrome Mox.

Cut a mountain for Urza's Saga.

Edit - 10/2/2021

Treasonous Ogre -> Chandra's Spitfire

Blood Moon -> Ruination

Edit - 10/14/2021

Abrade -> Lightning Bolt

Chandra's Spitfire -> Goblin Engineer

Smelt -> Raze the Effigy Effigy is strictly better.

Cloudstone Curio -> Quest for Pure Flame Curio has turned out to be too slow. With only 8 effective one drop creatures, only 6 of which work with Curio, it's just too inconsistent. I'm hoping with flame being only one mana, and also having a built in way to reduce devotion, it will make my awesome turns lethal.

Cut a mountain for Buried Ruin.

Edit - 10/15/2021

Sudden Shock -> Defense Grid

Dualcaster Mage -> Dark-Dweller Oracle

Twinflame -> Infernal Plunge

Ruination -> Genesis Chamber

Edit - 10/16/2021

Buried Ruin -> Blast Zone

Edit - 10/17/2021

Chrome Mox -> Mox Opal

Cut a mountain for Retrofitter Foundry.

Edit - 10/20/2021

Panharmonicon -> Altar of the Brood Quest for Pure Flame is better than Panharmonicon at doubling my damage. Altar should realistically mill 15+ cards a game for 1 mana.

Mind Stone -> Scroll Rack

Cut 4 mountains for the 4 red fetches.

Edit - 10/21/2021

Runaway Steam-Kin -> Tunnel Ignus

Grinning Ignus -> Firebrand Archer

Edit - 10/23/2021

Valakut Awakening   -> Thrill of Possibility Valakut is pointless now with Scroll Rack and fetches.

Edit - 10/25/2021

Act on Impulse -> Anger of the Gods

Flamekin Harbinger -> Dargo, the Shipwrecker

Firebrand Archer -> Glitterfang

Tunnel Ignus -> Simian Spirit Guide

Quest for Pure Flame -> Roiling Vortex

Edit - 10/29/2021

Simian Spirit Guide -> Birgi, God of Storytelling  

Arcum's Astrolabe -> Ankh of Mishra

Seasoned Pyromancer -> Goblin Instigator

Roiling Vortex -> Brightstone Ritual

Devastating Summons -> Impulsive Pilferer

Ensnaring Bridge -> Underworld Breach

Wayfarer's Bauble -> Springleaf Drum

Edit - 10/30/2021

Retrofitter Foundry -> Trash for Treasure

Glitterfang -> Goblin Welder

Conqueror's Flail -> Ichor Wellspring

Thrill of Possibility -> Pyroblast

Lightning Bolt -> Lightning Axe

By Force -> Shenanigans

Edit - 11/1/2021

Impulsive Pilferer -> Thatcher Revolt

Edit - 11/6/2021

Thatcher Revolt -> Devastating Summons

Edit - 11/7/2021

Act on Impulse -> Spark of Creativity

Scroll Rack -> Phyrexian Altar

Dargo, the Shipwrecker -> Impulsive Pilferer

Dunes of the Dead -> Cavern of Souls

Edit - 11/16/2021

Trash for Treasure -> End the Festivities

Spark of Creativity -> Seasoned Pyromancer

Edit - 11/22/2021

Dark-Dweller Oracle -> Reckless Impulse


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