Control the board and use visible and unseen threats alike to direct your opponents' aggression elsewhere. The deck features a rich aikido suite which is mostly fit within a Sunforger package. What's aikido? Simply put you aim to use the opponent's strength against themselves. This includes cards like Deflecting Palm , Comeuppance and Bloodthirsty Blade .

Throughout the game you constantly force creatures and spells away from you. You punish any attempt at disrupting your plans. The crescendo accumulates with forcing attacks with goad cards or highjacking a powerful spell with Reverberate . To alter the motivations of your opponents to your benefit, the deck also has cards that allow it to operate on a "carrot and stick"-policy.

The carrots are cards that incentivise our opponents to attack elsewhere and reward them for doing so, such as Orzhov Advokist , Duelist's Heritage and Crown of Doom . Cards like Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor and Rite of the Raging Storm give your opponents creatures that neither can block or attack you and thus make for exellent creatures to toss at each other's faces. But beware the aristocrats player who would love to get more creatures to sacrifice for their own gain!
The sticks, also called rattlesnakes, directly punish opponents that dare to come our way and/or deter aggression by flaunting the punishment prematurely. Examples of these include Soul Snare , Karmic Justice or Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker .
Your kingdom is one made of pillows, and cards such as Teferi's Protection , Mandate of Peace and Chronomantic Escape , as well as a plethora of nonblue counterspells, will keep you safe while you're plotting for victory. The deck's pillowfort cards make attacking us mundane and thus an opportunity cost. This usually comes through taxing effects or outright negating all combat damage, such as Ghostly Prison , Kor Haven and Master Warcraft
In general, we try to dissuade attacks against us and redirect them elsewhere. We also have two backup win conditions in Approach of the Second Sun and Revel in Riches , which can be useful after bolstering our defenses in the midgame.

Minding your own business gets you far in life.


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