I've been trying to build a prowess like deck around managorger hydra for a long time. With the release of strixhaven the deck got an upgrade in the form of Dragonsguard Elite.

The basic idea is to sling a couple of spells, grow our ''prowess'' creatures and burn our opponent with Ram Through.

The advantages of the deck are that it trades really well againts decks with pin point removal, due to hexproof spells that act double duty as both protection and creature boost to close out games (new favourite being Snakeskin Veil). Because our creatures naturally grow with spells they stay threats even in the late game.

The disadvatages are that the deck folds againts edict effects and discard spells. Burn is problematic as well because it can outrace the deck.

My sideboarding is not on point ,so any help or suggestions are appreciated!


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