Why use Prossh, Skyraider of Kher in a competitive meta?

Prossh is arguably the best commander for the Food Chain combo, his only other competition being General Tazri. Prossh is one of the only top tier commanders that doesn't use , this forces your deck building to be incredibly aggressive. Most of the decks in competitive commander are reactive, siting on counterspells and waiting for there combo, however this deck slams out the Food Chain combo as quickly as possible, then if that fails it either continues to go for the Food Chain combo through recursion, sneaks in another combo, or actually kills your opponents off w/ damage (something that is rare in competitive commander). If you want to play an aggressive combo deck that doesn't rely on counterspells in competitive commander, I think Prossh is the commander for you.


  1. The Food Chain combo is one of the best combos in commander.

  2. Multiple infinite combos.

  3. Can take out opponents with damage, doesn't just rely on combos to win.

  4. You get your Kobolds even if Prossh, Skyraider of Kher is countered (it's an on cast trigger).


  1. No , which means no counterspells (although there are a few notable exceptions like Pyroblast).

  2. No card advantage in the command zone.

  3. This deck really suffers under stax effects and land destruction.

I also have a casual version of this deck right here deck:http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/prossh-eater-of-kobolds-1/


Ancient Tomb- Ramps you at the cost of producing only and 2 life every time you tap it for mana, it works well w/ Crop Rotation, giving you the option of turning Crop Rotation into a 1 mana ramp spell.

Arid Mesa, Bloodstained Mire, Marsh Flats, Misty Rainforest, Polluted Delta, Scalding Tarn, Verdant Catacombs, Windswept Heath, & Wooded Foothills- These are all the fetch lands (including the off-color fetch lands) that are allowed to be played in the jund color combination (), fetch lands are incredibly flexible and fantastic, since they search for the color that you need, usually grabbing the original dual lands (the best lands in the game).

Badlands, Bayou, & Taiga- The original dual lands for jund, the original dual lands are the best lands in magic (unfortunately also the most expensive).

Blood Crypt, Overgrown Tomb, & Stomping Ground- The shock lands are redundant copies of the original dual lands w/ the only drawback being that you have to pay 2 life for them to enter untapped (they are also about 10% as expensive price wise).

City of Brass & Mana Confluence- These lands are redundant Command Towers that cost 1 life to use, well worth the cost to tap for any color of mana and come into play untapped.

Command Tower- The best land in commander for multi-colored decks.

Dryad Arbor- In the deck so Green Sun's Zenith can be a 1 mana ramp spell.

1x Forest, x1 Mountain, x1 Swamp, & 1x Snow-Covered Forest- I only run one copy of each of these, so Tainted Pact works in the deck.

Gaea's Cradle- One of the best lands for a creature heavy deck, it's also an excellent target for Crop Rotation.

Grove of the Burnwillows- Almost another copy of Taiga (although it's not fecthable).

Luxury Suite & Spire Garden- Will just about always enter the battlefield untapped, basically redundant original dual lands that aren't fetchable.

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth- Really helps cast heavy cards like Necropotence, Urborg should be played in just about every multicolored deck running .

Westvale Abbey  - My personal favorite Crop Rotation target, this card can end games if it's not answered quickly, a very unexpected card to see in a competitive meta.


Ashnod's Altar- Part of one of the alternate win combos, and just a good use of the Kobolds.

Chrome Mox & Mox Diamond- Both are competitive commander staples, they go in every competitive commander deck.

Lightning Greaves- A haste enabler for alternate win combos that require haste, and the greaves are a soild way to protect Prossh.

Mana Crypt- One of the most powerful cards in competitive commander, it enablers very early victories, this cards goes in every competitive commander deck.

Mana Vault- Really helps to cast Prossh early on.

Phyrexian Altar- A key part of most of the alternate win combos, also just really good use of the Kobolds.

Sensei's Divining Top- Gives this deck some much needed top of deck manipulation.

Skullclamp- Turns your Kobolds into "Sacrifice this Kobold, : Draw 2 cards." This card is incredibly useful since this deck is desperate for a card draw engine.

Sol Ring- One of this best cards for commander, both competitive and casual.


Arbor Elf- A mana dork that has the potential to tap for more colors than if you control a land like Taiga or Bayou.

Birds of Paradise- A 1 cmc mana dork that can tap for any color of mana.

Blood Artist & Zulaport Cutthroat- Both are finishers for the Food Chain combo by killing of your opponents w/ infinite Kobold death triggers.

Bloom Tender- A 2 cmc mana dork that has the potential to tap for .

Boreal Druid, Elves of Deep Shadow, Elvish Mystic, Fyndhorn Elves, & Llanowar Elves- All are 1 cmc mana dorks that ramp you by one mana, the are the main advantage to playing in competitive commander.

Dark Confidant- He is a competitive commander staple for , for 2 mana you get an additional card during each of your upkeeps, a 2 mana initial investment that much card advantage is fantastic, plus he's great Food Chain fodder.

Deathrite Shaman- This guy has great utility, first off he is another 1 cmc mana dork that tap for any color of mana, second he is much needed graveyard hate, third he is secretly the first 1 cmc planeswalker that WOTC has printed, he has 3 abilities just like a planeswalker.

Dosan the Falling Leaf- Play this to make sure your opponents can't do anything to disrupt you during your turn, which you should be winning w/ a combo or you'll be giving the game to the player on your left as the go off on their turn without being disrupted.

Eternal Witness- One of the most popular creatures in commander and for a good reason she's fantastic, in this deck she will usually will get a combo piece from out of the graveyard back in your hand.

Genesis Hydra- A combo finisher that gets around most counter magic, since it's ability is a cast trigger and cheats the creature from your deck to the battlefield without casting the creature.

Ogre Battledriver- Another Food Chain combo finisher, this one allows you to attack with infinite +2/+0 Kobolds that have haste.

Priest of Titania- A 2 cmc mana dork that has the potential to tap for a ton of mana, especially when facing another deck that has elf mana dorks since she taps for each elf on the battlefield, not just your elves.

Purphoros, God of the Forge- Another Food Chain combo finisher, this one wins w/ infinite Kobold entering the battlefield triggers, this card also just does a ton of damage just by casting Prossh, 6 Kobolds + 1 Prossh = 7 enter the battlefield triggers, then x2 = 14 total damage. If you cast Prossh a 2nd time the total damage will be (8+1)x2= 18 and 18+14= 32 which might kill the whole table if you playing against decks that use their life total liberally, and if you cast Prossh a 3rd time you will kill off the whole table (unless if someone gained a ton of life).

Reckless Bushwhacker- In here has a combo finisher, and the only combo finisher that is searchable w/ Dimir Machinations.

Sidisi, Undead Vizier- A creature that has Demonic Tutor on it, so if you have infinite mana off of Food Chain, you can play this using the infinite mana, then get a creature Food Chain combo finisher and play that off your infinite mana.

Skullmulcher- Another Food Chain combo finisher, since you can draw your whole deck and cast another creature Food Chain finisher, also its nice in a pinch to draw a good chunk of cards by having him devour some of your Kobolds.

Smothering Abomination- Another Food Chain combo finisher that is similar to Skullmulcher since you can draw your whole deck, also works to just draw you a bunch of cards even without infinite mana from Food Chain.

Species Specialist- Yet another Food Chain combo finisher that wins by drawing your whole deck, just name Kobold and you can keep sacrificing them and drawing, and even just playing this card the "fair" way and drawing 6+ cards from sacrificing Kobolds to Prossh is pretty solid.

Vexing Shusher- There is an absurd amount of counter magic in competitive commander, and this guy completely shuts counterspells down, this creature is the exact type of card that this deck needs to get an edge over decks.


Abrupt Decay- Most cards in competitive commander are under 4 cmc, so this card hits a good chunk of the permanents you'll see while playing, and again counter magic is all over the place in competitive commander so the "can't be countered" clause is incredibly relevant.

Ad Nauseam- The second most powerful card draw spell in , this deck isn't built to abuse this card, it just wants to get a ton of cards off of it and use it "fairly".

Assassin's Trophy- One of the most powerful and versatile removal spells in magic, since it has the ability to hit any permanent at only 2 mana.

Autumn's Veil & Veil of Summer- Protects your spells from counter magic, or just baits a counterspell very well.

Beast Within- The best removal in and just one of the best removal cards in commander, the versatility on this card is ridiculous w/ it's ability to hit any permanent.

Crop Rotation- The 3 best targets for this card are Ancient Tomb, Gaea's Cradle, & Westvale Abbey  , or just a Command Tower if your desperate for colored mana.

Dark Ritual- Another staple for competitive commander, jumping up 2 mana for a turn is a huge deal in competitive commander allowing for some broken plays early on in the game, also makes casting Necropotence much easier.

Fire Covenant- Often times a one-sided board wipe, you life total doesn't matter much in competitive commander, so use this card w/ little caution.

Nature's Claim- The best artifact/enchantment removal in , this card is sometimes the only answer to some stax cards, cards that this deck is incredibly weak against.

Plunge into Darkness- A very interesting card that works well in the deck, sacrifice Kobolds to gain a bunch of life or search for a combo piece or do both.

Pyroblast & Red Elemental Blast- Almost every competitive commander deck runs , so this card will have use against most decks and at one these cards are incredibly efficient at what they do.

Tainted Pact- Just keep exiling cards until you get the one you want, since there are no duplicate copies of cards in the deck, the "until you exile two cards w/ the same name" clause will never happen.

Vampiric Tutor- One of the best tutors in commander, every deck running should play this card.


Demonic Tutor- The best card in commander, it's any card in your deck.

Diabolic Intent- A great tutor for this deck, since it's pretty creature heavy for a competitive commander deck.

Dimir Machinations- Is in here just to transmute into Food Chain.

Green Sun's Zenith- Mostly in here just to be a 1 mana ramp spell w/ Dryad Arbor, but there are other useful creatures to chose from too.

Grim Tutor- A 3 mana Demonic Tutor still good (except for that price tag).

Imperial Seal- A slightly weaker Vampiric Tutor, but still very powerful (but that price tag is absurd).

Nature's Lore- Can grab any of the dual lands that have a forest type like Taiga or Bayou.

Regrowth- Another way to get combo pieces back into your hand from the graveyard.

Toxic Deluge- A solid board wipe, w/ a cmc of only 3.

Vandalblast- A commander staple that excellent in both casual and competitive metas.

Wheel of Fortune- The only good card draw spell in for competitive commander.


Carpet of Flowers- Another way to get an edge over decks.

Cryptolith Rite- Part of a couple of combos and a great way to turn all your Kobolds into mana dorks.

Food Chain- The enchantment that this whole deck is based on, if your confused how the combo works, look for it in the combo section of this primer.

Goblin Bombardment- A Food Chain combo finisher and gives you something to do w/ your Kobolds.

Mana Echoes- Part of some of the alternate win conditions, this enchantment gets you a ton of mana (when you cast Prossh you get 37 mana).

Mirri's Guile- Mini-Sylvan Library that helps smooth out your draws, something this deck can always use more of.

Necropotence- The best card draw spell in and arguably the best card draw spell in MTG. When you play this spell, you should probably win the game.

Parallel Lives- Part of an alternate win combo and it's just great getting x2 the kobolds.

Sylvan Library- The best card draw spell for , the amount of top deck manipulation and card draw that you get from this card is insane for a 2 cmc spell.

Food Chain

I'll explain the combo for the uninitiated. The steps to this combo are as follows:

  1. Have both Food Chain and Prossh on the battlefield.

  2. Exile Prossh w/ Food Chain getting 7 , , or mana, then exile 2 Kobolds to get the other two colors that you need.

  3. Cast Prossh w/ the Food Chain mana netting you more Kobolds.

  4. You can repeat this process an infinite amount of times.

What you get from the combo?

  1. Infinite Food Chain mana for creatures.

  2. Infinite Kobolds.

  3. Infinite Kobolds means infinite enter the battlefield triggers for a card like Purphoros, God of the Forge.

  4. Since Prossh is a sacrifice outlet, you get infinite die triggers for a card like Blood Artist.

Other combos that get infinite Kobolds/ infinite mana.

Cryptolith Rite + Mana Echoes + Haste + A recurable sacrifice outlet for Prossh = Infinite mana and Kobolds.

Ashnod's Altar + Cryptolith Rite + Haste = Infinite mana and Kobolds.

Cryptolith Rite + Parallel Lives + Haste + Sacrifice outlet for Prossh = Infinite mana and Kobolds.

Phyrexian Altar + Parallel Lives = Infinite mana and Kobolds.

Phyrexian Altar + Ashnod's Altar = Infinite mana and Kobolds.

Phyrexian Altar + Mana Echoes = Infinite mana and Kobolds.


Blood Artist & Zulaport Cutthroat win through infinite death triggers from the Kobolds by sacrificing the Kobolds to Prossh.

Genesis Hydra searches through your whole deck for a win condition.

Ogre Battledriver gives you +2/+0 and haste to your infinite army of Kobolds for infinite damage.

Purphoros, God of the Forge gives you infinite damage by the infinite amount of Kobolds entering the battlefield.

Reckless Bushwhacker gives your army of infinite Kobolds +1/+0 and haste.

Skullmulcher, Smothering Abomination, & Species Specialist lets you draw you entire deck.

Goblin Bombardment gives you infinite direct damage to your opponents.

Random Update 1:

-Replaced Impact Tremors w/ Reckless Bushwhacker since he is a creature, so he's castable w/ Food Chain mana and I needed a combo finisher that is searchable w/ Dimir Machinations.

Battlebond Updates:

-Replaced Exotic Orchard & Reflecting Pool for Luxury Suite & Spire Garden, Exotic Orchard doesn't tap for anything if you are going first, and not doing anything turn 1 can easily lead to your defeat in competitive commander, Reflecting Pool has similar problem, but even worse. Luxury Suite & Spire Garden are excellent dual lands, and are probably going into just about every multicolored deck that can run them.

Random Update 2:

-Replaced City of Solitude for Dosan the Falling Leaf, since Dosan works better w/ Food Chain, since he's a creature.

Guilds of Ravnica Update:

-Replaced Hull Breach for Assassin's Trophy, Assassin's Trophy is just a much better removal spell at 2 mana.

Random Updates 3:

-Replaced Riftsweeper for Mirri's Guile, Riftsweeper isn't necessary in this competitive Prossh deck, since Food Chain isn't the only combo in the deck, and Mirri's Guile gives the deck some much needed card manipulation.

-Replaced Damnation for Fire Covenant, I should of made this change long ago, Fire Covenant is a competitive staple, it's a much better board wipe than Damnation since it costs one less mana and doesn't kill your creatures, something invaluable in a creature heavy deck like this.

M20 Updates:

-Cut Snow-Covered Mountain & Snow-Covered Swamp since I found myself getting land flooded too often, which is a death sentence in this deck. I added Genesis Hydra as a win condition that gets around most counterspells and Veil of Summer as another way to protect my spells, especially when comboing off.

Ikoria/C2020 Updates:

Replaced Fecundity for Species Specialist, Species Specialist serves the same functionality has Fecundity, without the drawbacks, plus it's a creature, so it works much better w/ Food Chain.


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