Today I play everyone's deck!

Changing commander from Kalain, Reclusive Painter to Prosper, Tome-Bound after being so-so on Kalain's performance. Even under good circumstances the deck wasn't quite what I wanted. Something of note though as I change over to Prosper is that outside of a handful of exceptions I hate exiling my own things. Prosper enjoys casting from exile. This seems like I shouldn't like him much either... This is where keyword abilities like Rebound, Foretell, Suspend, Adventure, and Cascade come into play along with cards like Etali, Primal Storm and Stolen Strategy. This is not a deck I thought I would be building but I'm genuinely excited to be doing so!

The general plan of any deck is to get some mana and card draw going but this deck wants to draw everyone's cards! Get that Etali, Primal Storm or better Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor going and just keep using your opponent's cards against them. Very straight forward I know... If that isn't presenting a win con though turn to the treasure abuse section of the deck and start in with that incremental value from Marionette Master or just win outright with Revel in Riches or Hellkite Tyrant.

I refer to Prosper, Tome-Bound's abilities as Mystic Arcanum and Pact Boon on a fairly regular basis through the categories section.

There are the usual categories of Mana, Removal, and Card Advantage. Then there are the remaining 3-

Treasure- is a lot like mana only that it makes mana through treasure tokens.

Treasure Abuse- are cards which benefit from the massive amount of treasure generation in the deck

Prosper Through Theft- is how I really take advantage of Prosper in this deck, these cards exile from my opponents cards and allow me to cast those cards from exile.

Necropotence, Endless Atlas, Greed - Strong consistent card draw

Oracle's Vault - Works with Pact Boon and gives me a free card on the 4th and beyond use.

Pirate's Pillage, Seize the Spoils, Unexpected Windfall - Card draw and treasure in one.

Profane Tutor - Tutor that works with Pact Boon

Sensei's Divining Top - Manipulate the top of my deck to interact better with Mystic Arcanum and other exile effects for my own library.

Wild-Magic Sorcerer - Should be a free card on all of my turns and more use out of Pact Boon.

Swamp, Mountain, Command Tower - Mana Mana

Dream Devourer - Interacts with Pact Boon and allows me to pay a little upfront so I can pay less later.

Inspiring Statuary - Tap treasure to pay for generic costs instead of sacrificing it.

Krark-Clan Ironworks - Turn treasure into 2 mana on sacrifice.

Rousing Refrain - Pretty slow card, only good every 3 turns so for 2 mana it might do nothing... I want to test it out though since it could be a nice bit of mana every few turns and interacts with Pact Boon.

Spinerock Knoll - Easy to activate, nearly free card, interacts with Pact Boon.

Brass's Bounty - Often pays for itself in my experience, just a nice treasure producer.

Dockside Extortionist - MORE TREASURE!!!

Forsworn Paladin - 2 mana for 1 treasure without something else attached isn't normally something I'd want but this deck really abuses the treasure pretty well. The second ability also makes for some pretty good attacks or blocks.

Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge - Without building around him he can be difficult to really take full advantage of him but I've still gotten 4 or 5 treasures at the end of some turns.

Hoarding Ogre - Honestly... not that good but he makes treasure on attack. I like him a lot more with Kalain, Reclusive Painter at the head of the deck but I wasn't really enjoying that deck as much as I have the tests of this one.

Pitiless Plunderer - Kill my things will you? I'll just make a bunch of treasure and recover almost immediately.

Revel in Riches - Death is treasure, lots of treasure. It is kinda crazy how much treasure my opponents will allow this to make. Especially with it allowing me to win if they really can't deal with it or aren't paying attention...

Ruthless Knave - 3 mana for 2 treasure is a decent exchange rate, made better by a deck that wants to use treasure. If I have enough excess treasure or just need to draw some cards 3 treasure becomes card advantage. This is sneakily really strong.

Shiny Impetus - I haven't gotten around to using these goad effects much. I view it mostly as something to annoy my opponents. Great to put on a commander that wants to attack so it attacks somewhere else. Also great on commanders that don't want to attack if I happen to not have more normal removal. This might get replaced at some point but goad hits my funny bone.

Sudden Breakthrough - 2 mana for 1 treasure once in a game is meh but it allows some good attacks or blocks by giving first strike. This is a hold over from when Kalain was the commander where it honestly made quite a lot of sense.

Treasure Map   - This is slow if you are looking at it for only the treasure but here we have Prosper with his Mystic Arcanum. Having that scry is quite nice and then making the treasure after a bit and card draw is solid. Overall I think it offers a lot to Prosper.

Xorn - Anytime I make 1 or more treasures I make 1 more... MORE TREASURE!!!

Possibility Storm - This works with Pact Boon to make every spell I cast make a treasure. Also disrupts any plans most opponents are making. Slight downside of disrupting my own plans too though... So there is that. Chaos is fun :D

Bedevil, Terminate - Just good Rakdos based removal cards.

Bituminous Blast - 4 damage removes a lot of utility creatures and this cascades to interact with Pact Boon as well as a free card.

Chaos Warp - Removes the things that Rakdos usually has some difficulty removing, aka enchantments.

Contract Killing - 5 mana to kill and make 2 treasures. This is kind of like a 3 mana removal spell that delayed itself. Not great but in a deck that uses treasure worth a shot.

Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast - Every treasure is now a kill spell...

Plundering Barbarian - Bad modal spell...

Orcus, Prince of Undeath - Solid removal or ok reanimation. With all the treasures around I shouldn't have trouble really ramping into that .

Poison the Cup - Removal that works with Pact Boon through Foretell and works with Mystic Arcanum through Scry. Sign. Me. Up.

Rakdos Charm - If you are in these colors you are silly not to run this. I've had every mode of this card be extremely useful multiple times.

Vandalblast - Wipe out all the artifacts! Except my precious treasures :D

Volcanic Torrent - The Cascade goes first so the floor is 2 damage and a free card for 5 mana. Works with Pact Boon. I think it is ok.

Hedonist's Trove, Dauthi Voidwalker, Author of Shadows - Mostly just good graveyard hate with the added benefit of getting cards of my choice to cast later.

Chaos Wand - Very random very silly card but it works well with Pact Boon.

Dead Man's Chest - Gives me a second consistent but somewhat limited Mystic Arcanum to interact with Pact Boon.

Etali, Primal Storm - This could trigger Pact Boon up to 4 times and give 4 free cards with 1 attack or it could do nothing. Either way Etali is awesome!

Fevered Suspicion - 7 free spells all of which are cast from exile by casting this once. This might just go in all my Rakdos decks.

Fiend of the Shadows - Always nice to have flying but also my opponents lose card advantage while I gain it if they can't block her.

Gonti, Lord of Luxury - A bit of selection with my card advantage instead of just the top card of the opponent's library.

Grenzo, Havoc Raiser - Once 1 creature starts to get through with this guy out the dominos just start to fall into place. Goading creatures of your choice is almost better than removal in a lot of situations. Once the goading is underway the theft begins!

Hurl Through Hell - Wonderful to be able to exile a creature in these colors! Though it is slowly becoming a more common thing in black. Then it gives me the option of using that creature. Noteworthy that if I do cast the exiled target when it dies it will go back to the person it was stolen from. Well their graveyard, not always a bad thing but still worth noting.

Opposition Agent - All your base are belong to us! Which is to mean your tutors are my tutors... Because that is nice of me :D

Stolen Strategy - Often I'm not a huge fan of this card. A lot of decks just don't have the mana to power it... With the amount of treasure production here though I might be able to really pull off some awesome turns with it while denying my opponent's their own resources.

Valki, God of Lies   - This is a lie... I'm only interested in Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor. I've even considered him as a possible commander for a deck like this but Tibalt doesn't interact with other cards very well. Prosper on the other hand interacts very well with Tibalt and all these other cast from exile effects!

You Find Some Prisoners - Interesting modal spell. I'll be INTERROGATING THEM a lot, muhahaha.

Academy Manufactor - I might occasionally use a food or clue token but these really just add to the artifact and token count for things like Hellkite Tyrant or Reckless Fireweaver.

Hellkite Tyrant - Like Revel in Riches I could just win the game if my opponents don't kill it but more fun for me is your sol ring is now my sol ring.

Kalain, Reclusive Painter - This was initially the commander and I love her payoff ability! I don't like her as the commander. She is so reliant on treasures and just doesn't have a good way of producing them herself. Not that her deck doesn't work, I had some great games. Prosper is just much more consistent.

Marionette Master - This has to be removed pretty much on the spot by opponents or it will kill them within a turn or two.

Mayhem Devil - I'm sacrificing my treasures, my opponents are sacrificing their fetches and other things. This guy will do a lot of pinging!

Reckless Fireweaver, Nadier's Nightblade - These are miniature Marionette Masters

Captain Lannery Storm - While she does produce a treasure by being aggressive I've noticed that she benefits more from their sacrifice. Getting +5/+0 is normal most turns.

Fain, the Broker - When Kalain was the commander this was a good treasure producer but with Prosper this guy is a great inkling producer. He can still wrap back around to making treasures though. Having a number of tools for the job is great!

Magda, Brazen Outlaw - She should produce a handful of treasure over the course of a game but also just grabbing any of the artifacts or dragons is the real payoff here.

The most notable exclusions are cards which exile from my own library like Outpost Siege. I have a few things which exile my own cards, such as my commander but this is a form of card advantage that I quite dislike... So a little bit of it is fine but I want to limit it. Permanently losing access to cards is something I despise. I'm fine doing it to my opponents though!











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