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Prosper Infinite Combos/Doomsday/Discard/STAX

Commander / EDH* BR (Rakdos) Doomsday Pile Infinite Combo


Use doomsday when you have have enough mana to close the game with a final fortune (on the end step with Prosper out) -> Jeska's will -> Infinite Combo. Combos: Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame (Infinite creature tokens with haste). Dockside + Curio + Magda + Wishclaw/Grinding station. Can also combo curio + dockside + burglor/Elderfang to make opponents discard their hand regardless of hand size. Curio + burglor + elderfang is a nice way to make your opponents discard a card for every 2 mana you want to spend. Grinding station with a dockside + Curio + Creature combo to make opponents mil their decks if wishclaw was already used elsewhere. Tergrids lantern can also end the game with the dockside combo. Harnfel + Sensei's top + Reckless Fireweaver + Prosper will more than likely also pop an entire table (semi-infinite).

Other notable strengths: Decided to keep 10 swamps instead of all non-basic lands (which gives Tainted Pact more power) just in case someone throws out a blood moon. Uba Mask, Defense Grid, God-pharaoh, Mana Web, and Price of Glory as STAX pieces. Uba mask namely also synergizes with the discard portion of the deck and keeps opponents from saving up cards. The rest of the STAX pieces will make it harder or more punishing to interact with your combos. Multiple Tutors, tainted pact, peer into the abyss for personal deck control. Torment of Hailfire to empty mana pool for pure damage if needed. If combos aren't lucky there are cards to make opponents discard to slow the game down. Tergrid adds to the strength of this side of the deck along with her other side (artifact) which fits in nicely with a dockside combo.


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