The Deck

Made mainly for casual play, the deck uses a politics/pillow-fort playstyle that pits opponents against each other.

The idea is to get as many lands and mana doublers early on in the game. The overabundance this creates causes chaos amongst our opponents. Our job is to keep everyone busy looking at everyone else while we build up our board, keep the boardstate manageable, and use/help other players take each other out.

If things go as planned, we will eventually build up an oppressive board presence that abuses our commander's ability to give us the win.


The deck is able to gain access it's key pieces easily using Birthing Pod, Fauna Shaman, or Zur. Synergy is great and the play lines are subtle and simple enough that it is able to reach critical mass easily and with great consistency.

Once we get enough mana doublers in play, the deck becomes very resilient and borderline OP. Kenrith can repeatedly reanimate creatures like Plaguecrafter to decimate our opponents' board, or Eternal Witness to loop spells, draw cards to create card massive advantage, and gain life to nullify incoming damage.

Paired with Kros, Defense Contractor, our commander can easily keep the board in check, tap creatures at will and force our opponents to keep attacking each other.


The deck has no win cons outside of turning creatures sideways so it takes some time to win. I also intentionally stayed away from infinite mana combos since I wanted to take on the challenge of outplaying my opponents as opposed to winning through "superior deckbuilding".


Updates Add

Decided to make improvements to the manabase. Took out all the battlebond and CL “duals” and replaced them with shock lands. Also added fetch lands. Lastly,

Song of the Dryads in for Wild Growth.


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