"Prototype Prison Deck*

We seek to deny our opponents a fair game of magic. Our primary goal involves supressing combat across-the-board for all players, crushing them with Liliana of the Veil and dragging the game out as long as humanly possible. I have broken this deck down in to several categories below:

Pillow fort

Extremely novel and often times non-interactive style of gameplay that focuses on minimizing or denying any/all forms of combat damage. We use cards like Ghostly Prison , Norn's Annex , Gideon of the Trials , Defense Grid and Amulet of Safekeeping to slow or tax our opponents combat step and other aggressive effects. Lastly, we have Gideon of the Trials that helps address nearly all board threats witch seek to evade our pillow fort. This Plainswalker represents the only interactive permanent in our mainboard, besides Liliana of the Veil and our other removal spells.


Similar to pillow fort, but instead of denying or buffering ourselves from combat damage, it seeks to flat out deny the opponents ability to cast spells, activate abilities or even enter thier combat step. Chalice of the Void represents the hallmark of all prison cards legal in Modern by virtue of its ability to shutdown nearly all aggressive decks and sizable junk of cheap removal spells. Ensnaring Bridge puts a damper on nearly all creature based decks assuming we can dump our hand quickly enough or establish a functional pillow fort. Thanks to Karn, the Great Creator , our sideboard options further expand this decks prison like elements with cards capable of countering a wide variety of strategies against Control, Burn, Mardu, Tokens, Scapeshift, Aggro, Titan, etc.


Even prison and pillow fort decks require answers to fast threats that out pace us turn per turn (i.e. Hammer Time, Affinity, Zoo, Burn, etc). We utilize Glass Casket against most of Moderns low to the ground creature base. Dismember helps deal with slightly larger threats with a trvial amounts of life loss. Whereas, Damnation crushes decks that are more capable of quickly going wide or it can serve as a full on board reset.

Card Filtering

Relying on luck or the heart of the cards isn't going to cut it, sometimes we require methods to help smooth out our card draws and thin out our deck. This strategy consists of several fetch lands, Flagstones of Trokair , Silent Clearing , and Mishra's Bauble .

Win Cons

Time is our ultimate friend. Our primary win-con focuses on creating a board state where we can comfortably and safely hit Liliana of the Veil 's ultimate and seal our opponents fate.


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