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[Primer] Kelsien - One shot, one kill

Commander / EDH* Primer RBW (Mardu) Voltron



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As the title suggests, the goal of this deck is to give Kelsien, the Plague Deathtouch in order to get kills with his tap ability and build up experience counters. But early in the game it can be a bit slow as it's Mardu, and mana doesn't grow on trees. With some luck, some opponents will play with X/1 mana dorks or other utility creatures to prey upon. Forbidden Orchard is also a great card to create some free kills early on to get Kelsien up to a higher power level.

Ofcourse as your opponents start playing stronger creatures you will need ways to kill them. Basilisk Collar , Gorgon Flail , Gorgon's Head and Quietus Spike are some really solid equipments we can put on Kelsien to help us achieve this goal. There's also some cards like Ankle Shanker , Gift of Doom , Rune of Mortality , ... You get the idea.

Once Kelsien is on the board and has Deathtouch, you can start pinging away at anything you like (or don't like) that doesn't have Hexproof, Shroud or Indestructibility. Though with Shadowspear or Arcane Lighthouse on the board, that can be fixed.

One ping each turn can be a bit slow. So if your opponents have a large board presence you need to be able take care of that or slow it down. Cards like Thousand-Year Elixir or Illusionist's Bracers let you shoot two creatures each turn. And then there's Reconnaissance . This card is amazing in this deck. You can declare attack with Kelsien, tap him and kill a blocker while you're still in the declare attack step to get through, pay to untap him after combat damage is dealt but before combat ends and then keep him untapped to block or ping another creature with any time before your turn comes around again.

Thornbite Staff + any deathtouch turns Kelsien into a boardwipe and can rack up so many experience counters out of nowhere. And Sword of Truth and Justice gives Kelsien protection while also proliferating your experience counters.

So that's the general idea of the deck. Please let my know your thoughts or impressions! It's not a super fast deck, but it is very enjoyable to pilot and has won me a few games at the table.



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