A budget Anje Falkenrath combo deck.

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The Worldgorger Dragon combo with Animate Dead, Dance of the Dead or Necromancy* provides infinite mana and ETB/LTB.
This further requires Anje Falkenrath or Merchant of the Vale to rummage (discard then draw) through the deck while comboing. Once the combo ends with a target other than WGD, you can only rummage with Merchant. Note that you need at least 1 card in hand to rummage.

With infinite rummaging and mana, simply find Avacyn's Judgment and cast it for its madness cost.

If that line isn't available anymore, having Sunscorched Desert on the battlefield will take care of your opponents.

Bloodhall Priest's ETB is another win condition. Once you find it, cast it for its madness cost and continue looping WGD. This requires no cards in hand, so you'll need to find a way to get rid of your extra cards if necessary. Simply cast them if they are instants or madness cards, otherwise Merchant of the Vale, Chrome Mox and Hell Mongrel are able to get rid of non-madness cards and lands for example.

Finally, you can start madness-casting an instant or sorcery like Fiery Temper or Alms of the Vein and bring it back with Revolutionist. You'll need Hell Mongrel if your deck runs out of cards with Anje or Merchant while rummaging.

* can be done at instant speed, or in response to something.

The deck is clearly oriented towards a cEDH environment - with a few constraints:
First, I tried to keep it at a reasonable budget.
The deck wasn't consistant enough at a lower budget and I feel this is a good spot for someone interested in the competitive aspect of EDH without having to sell his or her car.

The expensive cards are kept to a minimum, but are there because there is simply no decent replacement.

I dedicated a good part of the budget to make a strong manabase; we simply can't afford to have lands that enter the battlefield tapped or subpar mana rocks.
Our strategy revolves around casting Anje on Turn 2 or even turn 1, so Blackcleave Cliffs, Blood Crypt, Luxury Suite and Sulfurous Springs are amongst the best duals we can include.

I'm using all the available Fetchlands plus Prismatic Vista. Those lands are extremely potent, especially here, because they allow to hit more madness card by thinning the deck.

Other mana sources like Lotus Petal, Chrome Mox and Jeweled Lotus are mandatory for consistency. We already trimmed the fat with the omission of Lion's Eye Diamond, Mox Diamond and Mana Vault, so they should be autoincludes.

Demonic Tutor, Entomb, Gamble, Tainted Pact, Vampiric Tutor and Wishclaw Talisman are some of the best tutors. We're not playing Diabolic Intent and Imperial Seal for budget reasons, so we have to be able to run as smoothly as possbile. This can't be achieved with suboptimal cards like Final Parting, Diabolic Tutor, Grim Tutor and to an extent, Scheming Symmetry (which is a worse Seal unless you win on the turn). Mausoleum Secrets is controversial because it can't grab WGD but I decided to include it over Grim Tutor for its instant speed and lower mana cost.

Deflecting Swat and Imp's Mischief are probably the best protection you can run in the deck, but if your budget is tight, Tibalt's Trickery is a good replacement.

The remaining cards are pretty cheap and self explanatory, there are no budget replacements or alternatives.
Note that 45 of the 48 existing Rakdos madness cards are included, effectively playing a 54 cards deck.

Also, there isn't an alternative win in the main deck like Dockside Extortionist + Cloudstone Curio to remain relatively "cheap".

I feel the deck is in a good place right now, but if you really need an other win condition to the WGD combo, you can always include Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame for example.

In the Maybeboard, you'll find upgrades sorted by cost.


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