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This deck is an intellectual exercise in creating a card-drawing & infinite mana engine and using Shared Fate to get all of the decks and play all of the cards.

You're trying to get a big creature out in order to make Zegana big, and you're trying to flicker or cast Zegana to get multiple triggers. Yes, I'm not using Maro or other similar cards. They would be in here if I had them. I didn't want to spend too much on this deck because I knew it wouldn't be fun. I put it together as a solitaire.

The best combo here is Zegana + Deadeye navigator. For 2 mana, you get to draw cards equal to the highest power among creatures you control +1. If the highest is Deadeye, you're drawing 6.

Some other interactions to look for are Nantuko Cultivator to ditch your land cards to the grave, and then Sudden Reclamation to bring them all back, and then Early Harvest to untap them right away. When you draw your whole deck, it's possible to do this all in one turn, and don't forget to activate Sasaya while you have all those lands in hand. Spitting Image is another way of pitching your land cards, and it also produces copies of Zegana that draw you cards.

VIridian Joiner + Umbral Mantle is an infinite green mana combo. Gyre Sage can take Joiner's place if her power is 4 or better.

Quicken is in there because sometimes you want to cast Windfall at instant speed.

The key card is Shared Fate, which will let you draw your opponents' decks once you have your Deadeye + Zegana set up. Boomerang is important because it's the only way for you to get rid of your own Shared Fate, besides using cards in your opponents' decks.

The deck is not totally tuned. If I put the cards I want in here, I'd be using Maro-type cards, and maybe a Psychosis Crawler. There's a lot of messing around here, so it's not fun to play against, but there's also a lot of fun interaction. For example, use Metamorphosis on your own Zegana, and then dump 2 more mana into it and cast her again.

Holistic Wisdom is not to be underestimated. It gives you extra copies of Early Harvest to play with.


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