11/21/20- New Territory and Cat Toys Show

11/14/2020 - Officially updated description to primer

So you’ve decided to adopt this pretty kitty! Hope you don’t mind if he comes with a few of his friends, because this deck is all about fielding cats and swinging hard! I built Arahbo as the third deck in my main series, after picking up the Secret Lair OMG Kitties, and it has consistently been among my favorite decks to play in my collection! It’s not my first time working with cats either, I used to run a pretty mean Cat Cannon deck in standard back in the Mirrodin Besieged block, so I used that experience and applied some of the same theory when building this deck. Core strategies feature high damage swings, life gain/infinite life, and direct player damage. Arahbo, Roar of the World is a fantastic tribal commander with his eminence ability buffing your attackers on your combat step even when he’s in the command zone, and this deck certainly takes advantage of the extra damage!

As mentioned in the intro, life gain and high damage are the main path to victory in this deck, and there’s a number of kitties and tools to help you accomplish victory!

Meet the Kitties (key combo cards and killers) Show

Bring out the Treats (Key Wincons) Show

Backup Snacks (Alternative win cons) Show

This section covers useful equipment and spells to make your kitties more powerful and increase the effectiveness of the deck. The deck includes a number of ramp spells as well as creature tutors to enable you to retrieve key pieces for combos and increase the amount of mana available!

Increasing Territory (Ramp) Show

Is That Cat Wearing Armor? (Useful Equipment) Show

Mesmerized by the Fluffiness (Enchantments) Show

Hunting Successfully (Board wipes and Tutors) Show

If you liked this primer, please feel free to check out some of my other regularly updated decks! Korvold, the Draconic Railgun *Primer* is a deck that focuses on using tactics to nuke your opponents with high damage spells, and I recently made primer for my Eldrazi Tribal deck, Cold War Kruphix- Eldrazi Tribal *Primer*! I play and update these decks regularly, hope you enjoy them!


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