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The Rock is a Midrange, fair deck that looks to play discard and removal until there are enough mana sources in play to play big threats. Recursion plays a key part in producing the critical mass of threats to end the game the longer it goes on. If the high power threats aren't enough to finish the game early, recursion provides the boost to get over the hump and finish off the opponent.

Birds of Paradise provides mana fixing and ramp to put out bigger threats early. Having flying also helps to block opposing fliers if needed.

Wall of Roots provides ramp and is a good barrier to deal with early threats.

Wall of Blossoms is CA on a body that can get in the way of most early threats while we get set-up.

Yavimaya Elder provides both land drops and CA while also being a blocker. A solid draw at any point in the game.

Krosan Tusker provides early mana fixing while also being a large threat to bring out of the graveyard later on.

Mishra's Factory is one of the most played cards in the format and for good reason. A cheap attacker for 2 damage when not much else is happening on the board or in your hand.

Overall, a pretty straight-forward G/B mana base.
Full playset of Llanowar Wastes for early access to both colors.

A 6/5 split on basics favoring green for early ramp spells and double green casting costs.

1 or 2 City of Brass for additional color fixing.

Playset of Treetop Village to increase the amount of available pain-free green mana, while doubling as a beat stick that can survive Pernicious Deed.

3 or 4 Mishra's Factory to increase resiliency against Pernicious Deed and early threats.

1 Volrath's Stronghold for added recursion effects and defense against exile effects such as Withered Wretch.

Blastoderm is a T4 threat that is tough to deal with.

Ravenous Baloth is a powerhouse card that has synergy with

Krosan Tusker comes with a steep mana value but can easily be pitched to find the basic land you need and brought back with Recurring Nightmare or Genesis. Standing in at 6/5 this can be a brutal attacker against any opponent.

Treetop Village comes in at the lower end on the power scale, but having trample can be all you need to get in the last point of damage.

The deck runs a solid discard package to control the early game against faster decks and combo strategies. Duress and Cabal Therapy provide perfect information while removing key pieces to the opponent's strategy. Cabal Therapy can be flashed back to later in the game with Squirrels or a fading Blastoderm

Pernicious Deed provides most of the removal in the deck. We don't need to worry about losing our creatures thanks to Recurring Nightmare. In the meantime, the opponent is forced to either deal with it or run out their creatures into a board wipe. If they chose neither they just lose to combat damage.

Smother and Vendetta provide spot removal where they can.

Recurring Nightmare combined with a powerful threat like Deranged Hermit, Krosan Tusker, or Blastoderm provides the avenue to victory.

The best being Deranged Hermit since it requires no interaction from the opponent to generate value. Sac a Squirrel to activate Recurring Nightmare and reanimate a Deranged Hermit to generate 4 more Squirrel Tokens. Fail to pay Deranged Hermit's Echo cost and this can be done every turn.

The Win Condition is to win with Combat Damage. How you get there can change from one game to the next.

Pernicious Deed and Recurring Nightmare can grind the game out until the opponent has nothing left in the tank.

Volrath's Stronghold survives Pernicious Deed and provides redundant recursion in the more grindy match-ups or when you can't find Recurring Nightmare.

Genesis for Recurring Nightmare : Upkeep: Put Genesis' triggered ability on the stack, then Deranged Hermit's Echo trigger: - Fail to pay the echo cost for Deranged Hermit; sacrifice it. - Pay for Genesis' ability to return Deranged Hermit to your hand. - Cast Deranged Hermit.

While not as elegant, it can certainly get the job done as long as you have the mana for it.

Mongrel Pack for Deranged Hermit : At 1 Toughness, Mongrel Pack is pretty much guaranteed to die during combat. That being said by having its ability trigger specifically during combat death, it does require more effort to pull this off. You'll also be sacrificing the Lord effect reducing the total power of your board state significantly.

Still, it provides enough pressure to the opponent's life total to be significant.

You could also ditch the whole recursion package in favor of a bigger endgame threat like Spiritmonger

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