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This is the 5th iteration of this deck and it´s now in a place where I feel comfortable bringing it to my table.

With that said, I would like to hear opinions from other people who have had experience with green stompy in EDH. Are there any particular card suggestions I have missed? Any hidden gems or pet cards worth looking at? Also keep in mind that I´m trying to keep the budget of the deck under $250.

This is by no means a competitive deck, but it does aim to be fun to play, giving interesting choices to the pilot, and creating memorable plays.

The goal of the deck is to ramp in the early game, play consistent threats during the midgame, and close things out through combat. This is a creature-matters deck, which can take advantage of Gargos´s ability to turn targeted spells into fight triggers. These will help clear out the board of blockers and allow for bigger swings.


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