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Blue/Red deck that that relies on draw, cast, and discard mechanics to play low cost instants and sorceries, while increasing power to creatures on the field.

All the instants and sorceries enhance cards on the field, such as Kiln Fiend , Monastery Swiftspear , and Thing in the Ice  . Enigma Drake thus gets powered up once the effects resolve.

This combo, paired with Opt , Remand , Slip Through Space , Izzet Charm , Manamorphose , and Thrill of Possibility provide an engine that can keep spitting out low-cost spells while enhancing the creatures, providing an attack on all fronts.


Kiln Fiend + Slip Through Space can easily become a 4+ unblockable, depending on how many spells you can play before you swing. This can be a potenial win-con in of itself, since you could potentially swing for 13 or even 16 unblockable.

Assault Strobe + Enigma Drake late game this combo is a finisher if nothing can block it.

Assault Strobe + Awoken Horror is a near-guaranteed 14 unblockable if Assault Strobe is cast the same turn Thing in the Ice   transforms.

Manamorphose + Thing in the Ice to tick off those ice counters fast. It's possible to get Awoken Horror out turn 3 with the right cards in hand.

Ideal Plays (Turn 3 Win)

Turn 1: Mountain

Turn 2: Island --> Thing in the Ice  

Turn 3: Mountain --> tap island and one mountain for Manamorphose to add two red mana --> Lightning Bolt x2 to the face --> tap remaining mountain for Assault Strobe , Thing in the Ice   transforms into Awoken Horror and swing with 7/8 double strike for the win.


Turn 1: Mountain

Turn 2: Island --> Kiln Fiend

Turn 3: Tap island and mountain for Manamorphose to add one blue and one red mana --> blue for Slip Through Space --> red for Assault Strobe , and swing with 10/2 unblockable double strike for the win.

Mana base needs upgrading but this is the core of the deck. Any suggestions appreciated!


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