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Hello fellow broke person from the internet! I present to you today Poor Man's Auras. The idea is to turn 1 drop one of our beautiful unblockable creatures and pump them up throughout the game constantly swinging for easy unblockable damage.

Turn 1 we want to drop one of our 14 unblockable creatures. From there on out we simply buff and protect them.

We can buff them using Cartouche of Zeal, Cartouche of Knowledge, Hammerhand, and Giant Spectacle.

To protect our creatures from the notorious Lightning Bolt we are running a full playset of dive down along with some Spell Pierces to disrupt any removal.

In our sideboard we are running more disruption and protection for our creatures along with some Lightning Bolts just incase.

If you can I would highly recommend trying this deck out as well as throwing your own spin on it as there are plenty of good red and blue enchantments (Crown of Flames)


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