ARE YOU SICK OF HOW BAD GITROG IS? ARE YOU TIRED OF PEOPLE SHUTTING YOU DOWN THE SECOND THEY LOOK AT YOUR COMMANDER?! Fear no more. A new coming primer is here to break through people’s expectations and break through with a new meta breaking deck.

Enjoy and test with me… POND MADNESS

Playing “Pond Madness” is an imitation of playing the Gitrog Primer. I say imitation because this Gitrog loop is very different to the original Primer. For one, zero titans (instead Gaea’s blessing & Memory’s journey), very small land interaction spells, and lastly, no ebony charm (or anything similar). Instead we have the grand winning card being Thassa’s oracle. We have 4 different paths to get to her, one of them being Gitrog, who on its own is a great card advantage engine. In order to compete with the best decks and colors, one must sometimes confirm what we love. But don’t worry, with the subtraction of a few tricks, we pick many new ones up making this deck a new learning step for at heart Gitrog lovers.

2-3 years ago Gitrog was a formidable deck, however it’s nowhere near tier 10 as it once tried so hard to achieve. It couldn’t beat thrash’s tymna, and it certainly can’t beat tymna kraum. With the addition of bow masters, a card included in every black deck, Gitrog is unable to perform without you rolling on the floor, barking, and asking please.

- Thoracle Consultation If you don’t know what that means, I don’t recommend this deck for you HaHa. -Gitrog Mill We can use Gitrog Monster + Dakmor Salvage + Noose Constrictor to loop mill our deck for infinite mana, card draw, and infinitely waste your opponents time. -Hermit Druid One little man who wishes he was Gitrog, otherwise he’d win on the spot, which surprise, he still does. One activation mills Dread Return + Narcomoeba & Bloodghast (The ONLY 2 Useless cards in the deck) into Thassa. (Need to fix shuffle bug before complete). -Playing Commander and a cute kitten As you could probably guess, play Displacer kitten + lotus petal or Lions eye diamond for infinite mana.

If you can’t beat kinnan, add him. But you may need a few more dorks that die to orc though.


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