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Poached Dinosaur Eggs: Atla Palani Infinite Combo

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Infinite Combo RGW (Naya)


I built this deck when Atla Palani, Nest Tender was spoiled. In short, this deck is designed to abuse the infinite combo with Mirror Entity. More detailed explanations of how to pilot the deck is below. This deck can consistently get a turn 5 win, and turn 3/4 wins if you get enough ramp in the early stages.

The deck consists of 2 main parts: creature tutors and pump effects. Mirror Entity's ability turns every creature you control into an X/X. You should always be activating it for 0 mana so creatures you control die and activate Atla Palani's triggered ability. There are two main ways of starting the combo and those will be discussed below.

There are 2 main ways to approach the combo. Each has its pros and cons.

1: This method requires you to have pump effects on both your commander and Mirror Entity, was well as a creature as fodder. You activate the effect for 0, killing your other creature, which trigger's the commander's ability, grabbing the first creature from your library. Any ETB triggers on the new creature you just cheated out resolves. Activate it over and over. Scuttling Doom Engine and Burning Sun's Avatar will do damage to each opponent on every pass, while Zealous Conscripts steals a permanent from your opponents or untaps one of yours. Reclamation Sage will destroy any enchantments or artifacts you don't want. Keep activating the ability until you hit Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. When it dies, every card in your graveyard goes back into your deck for reuse. Rinse and repeat until your opponents are dead.

2: Caerwyn has an explanation in the comments, credits to this person for showing me an alternative combo. You only need the pump spell on Atla Palani, Nest Tender and Mirror Entity with no counters. Start by activating your Mirror Entity effect infinite times, then let the top activation resolve, killing Mirror Entity. You cheat out a creature from your commander's triggered ability. Any ETB triggers resolve on top of the Mirror Entity abilities. Then you let the next Mirror Entity trigger resolve, repeating until you hit Kozilek. Eventually all your opponents die from damage or they lose all their permanents. This method is riskier because it is possible to respond to the combo with cards like Mindbreak Trap, Angel's Grace, Extirpate and any other Split Second cards. This is because Mirror Entity dies in this combo and there's no graveyard recursion other than Sun Titan and Eternal Witness.

Turn 1 is always about ramp. In your opening hand, you should be looking for mana dorks/mana rocks, some kind of pump spell, and some way to tutor Mirror Entity. White, Red, and Green all lack card draw, so it is difficult to draw your way out of a bricked hand. If you think you cannot combo out by turn 5, you should mulligan.

Start off usually by ramping to cast Atla Palani, Nest Tender asap before anyone can attempt to counter it.

On turn 2, you should have 3 mana if you cast a 1 mana ramp spell and have 2 lands. Use this turn to cast a tutor spell to search for Mirror Entity. If you had a 1 mana tutor, you can sink the rest into any other ramp or mana rocks, as well as creatures such as Mikaeus, the Lunarch or Metallic Mimic. If you are bricked somehow and cannot find a pump spell, Sylvan Library is a good turn 2 play at the cost of some life. Lightning Greaves is also a great play if you have nothing else to use your mana on because any creature removal disrupts the deck.
Cast your commander if you haven't already. Usually you cast it on turn 3 unless you were extremely lucky with your ramp. If it is possible, turn 3 is the best time to give your commander a +1/+1 counter. It is always good to leave some mana open if you have any for your disruption like Swords to Plowshares.
If you have 5 mana this turn, you can cast Mirror Entity and a pump spell on Atla Palani this turn, securing the game with the combo. If not, do nothing this turn if you can cast both Mirror Entity and the pump spell next turn. If you are starved for mana, the most you can do is cast it hope you don't lose Mirror Entity to removal or just keep waiting until you have the mana to win on the same turn you cast it.
Turn 5 usually is the latest time you have the opportunity to win without being disrupted. You should be able to activate the combo by this time unless you were extremely unlucky with draws.
In: Eladamri's Call Out: Congregation at Dawn Reason: faster

In: Ajani's Presence Out: Break of Day Reason: 1 mana less and only need anthem on one creature

In: Seedtime Out: Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Reason: no need, more cEDH

In: Carpet of Flowers Out: Aura Shards The combo already has Rec Sage

In: Scuttling Doom Engine Out: Fanatic of Mogis Reason: avoids ETB hate like torpor orb, suggested by Homelessguy

In: Reforge the Soul Out: Molten Psyche Reason: Cheaper and more effective wheel in most situations

In: Sylvan Tutor Out: Goblin Matron Reason: Acts as a second Worldly Tutor and is 1 CMC

In: Sunbaked Canyon Out: Krosan Verge Reason: Better land, has card draw, doesn't etb tapped

In: Survival of the Fittest Out: Phyrexian Altar Reason: Altar is too slow, more tutors and can find creatures with built in pump

In: Flamekin Harbinger Out: Chord of Calling Reason: It's really hard to pay the 6 CMC to tutor out Mirror Entity and still have mana to pump on the same turn
In: Once Upon a Time Out: Seedtime Reason: Usually you don't have the mana for Seedtime if you have other plans


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