Kess utilizing wheels in this build make it very efficient at shutting down opponents and gaining advantage in game. This deck is a deck built around both rituals and wheel effects. There are plenty counters in the design of it, and many ways to interact and infinite combos as well.

Main Strategy Part 1

Notion Thief / Narset Parter of Veils + Wheels. Notion thief will make us draw for each of our opponents attempts at drawing whenever it is not the first card on their turn. So in a perfect strategic hit, I draw 28 cards and leave opponents empty handed. Narset will not gain me many more cards, none off the combo, her combo just keeps everyone else from drawing cards which gives me complete advantage to start with a new hand and utilize cards in this build from the graveyard with Kess.

2nd Strategy FINISH HIM!!

Once advantage is gained through wheels and/or control the idea is to use rituals and/or Thousand Year Storm to storm off with a Torment of Hailfire. Torment of Hailfire will absolutely cripple all opponents at the same time at worst, if not completely finish them off at once, most of the time. Gaining tons of mana and storming off to drop this card should be quite simple.

Waste Not is the engine of the deck. It is a perfect bridge for the strategies and ideals between the two. It helps ramp, flood the field, and draw cards which filters through the deck, generates value and advantage.

Infinite Combos include

Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank

Pili-Pala + Grand Architect

If anyone would like to help me finish up my strategy and input on what may make this build more competitive please comment. All the help is appreciated!


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