Plargg: Superfriends, Combo, and Chaos

This deck is designed to abuse Plargg’s ability, cheating out huge threats or blowing up your opponents lands, with just a hint of chaos…


My current playgroup is relatively new to the EDH format, and many of them are new to MTG as a whole. Because of this, the combo-centric EDH deck that I normally play is a little too strong for our playgroup and they have begun to complain that I need to play something a little more interesting. For clarity, none of us are wholly opposed to combos or infinites, it would just be nice for them if every game didn’t feel like a game of archenemy.

Well, they asked for interesting and who am I to deny them that?

I began building this deck in early 2024 and it is still in its primitive stages so any recommendations are welcome. Keep in mind that due to certain combo pieces I am intentionally choosing not to run any non-legendary non-land cards with CMC 3 or less except for our combo pieces Shifting Shadow and Glimpse of Tomorrow. Additionally I have chosen only to run high impact creatures so that Shifting Shadow is especially threatening.

This deck was also inspired by Magic the Noah’s YouTube deck tech of a 3 card (and 97 mountain) Plargg Deck.

Game Plan

The primary objective of this deck is to abuse, Plargg’s second ability to get one of the legal targets in the deck, Shifting Shadow or Glimpse of Tomorrow. These two spells can each create huge swings in momentum in a game, and the best part is that the one we get is random.

Generally when playing the deck you will want to play Plargg turn two and then as soon as turn three you can begin using his first ability to rummage through your deck and find lands, ramp spells, or answers. Then by turn four or five you should have enough mana to activate Plargg's ability, but you may want to wait. Usually it is best to use Plargg's ability at instant speed on one of your opponents turns, giving them the least amount of time to answer Shifting Shadow or allowing you to use Glimpse of Tomorrow like a combat trick, blocking something coming in and then hitting glimpse.

One noteworthy interaction is, if you have Shifting Shadow and Plargg on the board when Shifting Shadow triggers at the beginning of your upkeep you can respond to the trigger with Plargg's ability and hit a Glimpse of Tomorrow. When Glimpse of Tomorrow resolves then the Shifting Shadow Trigger will be on the Stack and you will get an additional creature and the Shifting Shadow back.

Power Level and Competitiveness

This deck is intended to be casual and actually started as a bit of a joke, that being said, sometimes this deck can be ridiculously powerful. The deck can play wildly different from one game to the next but is generally quite powerful. Some games you will cheat out impactful cards like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and Avacyn, Angel of Hope very early and create extremely dominant positions, other times the deck will play like a janky superfriends/control deck, abusing on-board combat tricks like Maze of Ith, Kor Haven, Mystifying Maze, and Kher Keep as well as a small number of instants or Flash cards like The Wandering Emperor, Cast Out, and Clever Concealment.

Shifting Shadow allows you to enchant a creature, and destroy it at the beginning of your upkeep to reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal another creature, and put it onto the battlefield. In most cases shifting shadow will enchant Plargg or one of the tokens made by the many planeswalkers in the deck. Then you reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal another creature and put it into play, allowing us to cheat out one of the extremely powerful high mana value creatures in the deck, hence why we aren’t running any smaller creatures.

Glimpse of Tomorrow is a suspend card with no casting cost, however Plargg’s ability allows us to cast it instantly without waiting because its CMC is less than 3. This will allow us to replace all of the permanents we currently have with permanents from the top of our deck. This is especially advantageous as it can convert a large token army into planeswalkers and giant game winning creatures.


First Cuts: Date Unknown

Removed Restore Balance for Mountain

Removed Gideon Blackblade for Mystifying Maze

Removed Chandra, Novice Pyromancer for Plains

Removed Urza's Ruinous Blast for Obliterate

Removed Jaya's Immolating Inferno for Gallifrey Falls / No More


Second Cuts: 5-16-2024 (Adding more permanents for Glimpse of Tomorrow)

Removed Emeria's Call   for Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire - MDFC's workd poorly with glimpse of tomorrow. Additionally combat tricks are very useful in this deck.

Removed Koth of the Hammer for The Wandering Emperor - Underperformed. Originally intended to help ramp but generally the deck wants to play at instant speed.

Removed Faith's Reward for Lost Jitte - Never Played Faith's Reward, generally dead card.

Removed Sarkhan the Masterless for Trouble in Pairs - Better value for one less mana, deck lacked card draw.

Removed Conclave Tribunal for Banish to Another Universe - Because this deck has so many legends this is effectively a straight upgrade.

Removed Disrupt Decorum for The Eternal Wanderer - Bad when hit with Glimpse, and often does not advance our game plan. Replacement offers board wipe which has a similar effect.

Removed Alchemist's Greeting for Oath of Chandra - Bad when hit with Glimpse, was generally bad even with madness cost.

Removed Snow-Covered Mountain for Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep - Adding more combat tricks.

Removed Snow-Covered Mountain for Eiganjo Castle - Adding more combat tricks.


Third Cuts: 6-15-2024 (Still adding more permanents for glimpse of tomorrow)

Removed Clever Concealment for Gerrard's Hourglass Pendant - Functionally very similar but permanent based protection is better with glimpse.

Removed Comeuppance for The One Ring - Usually Comeuppance is used to buy an extra turn, the one ring functions the same and provides card advantage. (It's also just busted)

Removed Gallifrey Falls / No More for The Night of the Doctor - Switching to a permanent based board wipe.

Removed Pyrokinesis for Conclave Tribunal - I think cutting this initially was a mistake, this card is amazing removal especially in a token heavy deck.

Removed Mines of Moria for Minas Tirith - The deck was lacking in card draw and this seemed like a very fitting swap

Removed Hanweir Garrison   for Interplanar Beacon - Garrison was almost never used, this will help with mana fixing.

Credit to Magic the Noah on YouTube for his 3 card Plargg Deck which inspired me to make this.

Video linked here:


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