My attempt at building a somewhat functional pirate theme deck.

General strategy for the deck somewhat depends on what you manage to steal throughout the game, but the general idea is to play semi-defensively until you can bring out 1 or more of the giant sea creatures to finish the job. However there is still a few interactions in this deck:

Mystic Compass ensures all your islandwalkers can get in and it helps cast Submerge for free.

Rishadan Port works well with any of the 3 "Rishadan pirates" (just force an opponent to tap a land in your first main phase and then cast a pirate in your second main phase, so he can't tap for mana in response when you use the Port).

War Barge allows you to (somewhat) decide who gets to attack or not if Stormtide Leviathan is in play (good for politics), it's also part of the classic War Barge + Merfolk Assassin combo. In a pinch it also works with Lux Cannon by shoving a bunch of your opponent's creatures onto the barge and then sinking it with the cannon.

Deadeye Navigator can be quite nasty with either of the 3 "Rishadan pirates" or Man-o'-War / Master Thief , and provides good protection from spot removal overall (you can flicker the Navigator to pair him with any of your creatures, which you can then flicker to dodge anything that targets them).

Charisma combos well with Pirate Ship and Ramirez DePietro himself.

Trade Routes naturally combos with any of the Zendikar "spell lands" (Bojuka Bog, Halimar Depths, Soaring Seacliff , and Piranha Marsh ), and it also helps you get black mana from River of Tears (remember, it produces black the turn it enters the battlefield).

Captain of the Mists helps charge the Lux Cannon for another shot quicker, and is generally very useful (also works similar to Rishadan Port ).

Expedition Map + Academy Ruins sets you up for all the lands you could ever need.

Avarice Totem is great if your opponents don't have anything to use your artifact stealing effects on, since it let's you steal something, and then steal back the totem.

PS: Remember to shout "land, ho!" whenever you get a land from Explorer's Scope!


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