"Come with me and you'll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you'll see into your imagination"

This is a storm deck. Turns out, in the right shell Toothy, Imaginary Friend does a pretty good impression of Ad Nauseam . To capitalize on this similarity, the deck is built to do 2 things: dig, and make mana. 10 cantrips, 3 wheels, 5 draw engines, and 11 other assorted draw effects assure that: no matter what else you may be doing, you will be drawing cards. And, with 15 non-land mana sources (that, trust me, you WILL be able to find), you will be able to make mana.

Once you have sufficient counters on Toothy, your goal will be to have your imaginary friend leave the battlefield. Ideally with flicker effects like Essence Flux or Ghostly Flicker but anything works really. These are just nice as toothy will reenter the battlefield before his draw trigger happens, so he will see all those cards you just drew, resulting in toothy maintaining all his counters or, if pir is on the battlefield, double his counters. But once toothy is large enough (9+ counters), it doesn't really matter if he comes back. Drawing 9 cards is often good enough and, unlike decks such as shimmer zur, we don't have to hit a specific card in order to go off. The deck doesn't need any specific pieces, and once you make enough mana to recast toothy, can go off fairly reliably.


No High Tide : Due to the low land count, coupled with Gush being one of the better cards in the deck, I've been unimpressed with High tide.

Crop Rotation : Gilded Drake . Single worst card to play against. Being able to find Homeward Path is enough to warrant its inclusion. Additional good targets are Ancient Tomb , Blast Zone , Reliquary Tower and Waterlogged Grove .

Echo of Eons : The deck is great at dumping cards in the graveyard. This card is often better than timetwister.

How do we win: Manual storm into drawing our entire deck with lab jace out. Alternatively, lock everyone out with narset+wheel, hold up a lot of counterspells, and beat down with a one-shotting toothy.


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With the growing movement among cEDH players to move away from TappedOut to literally any other deck builder site I have moved all the decks i am actively maintaining to https://www.moxfield.com/users/firerif From now on any updates I make will be on that site rather then this one.

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