They said Phyrexian Crusader was too slow. Well, gotta make fast. Think Crusader is too slow? PFFFFF, just drop him with boneshards and unearth or get him in the Grisly Salvage pile for the same result. Think Fynn couldn't make it to modern? PFFFFF, just support him with a consistent way to fish for him by shortening your deck with Mishra's AND Wraith. Need to draw cards? NEED TO WIN? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, use Primal Might to clear with Chevil OR Buff Crusader with it. OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS Don't wait, succumb to the PFF way so you can PFF into your opponent's face after a hard earned win with this poison midrange.

(Disclaimer: Deck creator is not responsible for wet faces after doing PFFFFF directly into your opponent's face.)


  1. Removed: 1x Assassin's Trophy; 1x Khalni Ambush; 1x Primal Might; 3x Llanowar Wastes

  2. Added: 2x Traverse the Ulvenwald; 1x Bone Shards; 1x Forest ; 1x Swamp; 1x Nurturing Peatland


This is a bigger one. I decided to go full in on the deck shortening strategy to get Fynn and Crusader. After a bit of testing this deck feels like it is approaching its absolute limit. I do not have a refined knowledge of all the cards in magic still, by far, but with all that I was able to gather, there isn't much more to improve upon. I've made a deck that gets absolutely crushed by mill, and has a hard time against discard. But it's a deck that has more options than classic simic infect, and is more active and, to me at least, much more fun to play. I love the card Bone Shards if you haven't noticed yet, and to destroy early as well as late game threats with it and other removal is key to prevailing enough to get the ten poison counters in. If this deck continues to get attention, and if people are interested, I will write a full, proper strategy text here. I have a true goal of creating new, meta contending decks with cards that people don't suspect at all. This is how this deck came to be, and why I continue to refine it. The only thing left is really whether to remove a one-drop for something else. Other than that, I will do more testing, expand further, and push this and every deck I really notice I enjoy to its limits. 16.09.21


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