Atraxa, Praetors' Voice infect

The phyrexians are here and they are infecting all they can find. They will stop at nothing to Compleat all planes.

I'm trying to put together a themed phyrexian infection/poison deck with a lean into proliferation.

I think it could be improved a lot. I will happily consider all suggestions.

The thing that seems especially difficult with this deck is pretty simple. People see Atraxa and suddenly you're the Number 1 target.

I am now building companion decks to play this one with. The first is Gix, Phyrexian Origination, this deck should work as an opponent or 2HG partner. On the other side of the table, so far I have In Defense Of The Multiverse


Updates Add

Adjusted several aspects of the decklist.

Lands: Removed the dual lands along with another and replaced with more functional lands such as scrying

Artifacts: Streamlined a bit more with mana fixers and utility

Instant/Sorcery/Enchantment: Various adjustments to improve usability

Overall a lower Converted Mana cost, (hopefully) balanced mana base, and (ideally) a good hand to start every game

Feedback is always welcome


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