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Phylath, World Sculptor ($10 Budget)

Commander / EDH Budget Landfall RG (Gruul) Tokens



Current price minus shipping & Basic Lands when added to TCG: $7 to $10 (As of 6/22/2021)

By now I can see myself sounding like a broken record because once again we have a commander that is just begging to have a budget deck built around them. Phylath, World Sculptor says make plants equal to how many BASIC lands you have in play. I mean come on. This is perfect.

Here we are, spamming the board with plants today. We have some staple combos you know I love to use such as Snake Umbra and Tunneling Geopede . Play a land, draw 3 cards. It's beautiful. But next we have a new combo with Herd Baloth and Ivy Lane Denizen , these two cards create a combo that can make as many beasts as you would like.

For some side damage we have a Guttersnipe and plenty of spells to get damage in. Once again mixing well with our draw enchantments to net us cards equal to how many opponents we have.

But ultimately you want to fill the board with lands and flood the board with plants. Then when you have a nice huge plant you can throw down a Soul's Fire for a hefty punch.

To be truthful you could probably make a $1 Phylath deck with 99 lands or you can try this out. Landfall has plenty of great upgrade staples to expand on, even other Green and Red commanders you could swap Phylath for at any point if you so desired. But for now this puppy should get you out and ready for action!


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